101 Essential Tips: Baking

101 Essential Tips: Baking

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Learn to bake delicious homemade muffins, cakes, biscuits, and tarts! In 101 tips, you'll learn more than you thought possible from our pocket baking guide. Get simple, easy-to-follow advice on baking brownies, cupcakes, meringues, and more, plus information on ingredients and simple techniques, all in one incredible pocket guide. Build your knowledge and confidence — fast! This pocket guide has all the essentials you're looking for, including the latest tips and tricks. For the price of a magazine, you get incredible research and colorful design that breaks a big subject down in a way that's complete and easy to understand. With 101 Essential Tips, you get a pocket guide that's jam-packed with information and details, from simple explanations of the basics to illustrated step-by-step guides and close-up pictures with detailed descriptions.

Whether you want to build up your basic skills, become an expert, or just have a little more confidence in conversation, 101 Essential Tips is right for you. This pocket guide is chock-full of information to guide you, inspire you, and give you the knowledge and confidence you're looking for. Want to continue learning? Be on the lookout for our complete set of 101 Essential Tips pocket guides from DK.
















one end, twist it from the other end. Secure it in place. FLUTED Pinch the pastry while making indentations at a slight angle in the edge. 55 Breads, Batters & Pizzas BREADS, BATTERS & PIZZAS HOW TO START YEAST Starting yeast to make bread usually involves activating dried yeast with warm water. The temperature of the water is of paramount importance: if it is too cold, the yeast will not activate; but if it is too hot, it will kill the yeast. The ideal temperature of the water is room

with a little egg wash. 16 Now the bagels are ready to be put in the oven. Once baked, they should be golden brown, well risen, and glossy to the touch. Color is pleasant golden brown 61 Breads, Batters & Pizzas HOW TO MAKE PRETZELS Much like bagels (see Tip 93), pretzels also taste their best the moment they come out of the oven. Although the process for making pretzels is rather lengthy, it is not difficult, and the simple dough needed can be converted into sweet or savory pretzels, or

settle on their sheets for a couple of minutes before removing them to a wire rack to cool completely. When they are hot, cookies are fragile and can break easily. Plus, if you let them cool, you will not burn your mouth when you eat them! TIME TO REST Letting cookies rest before moving them to a cooling rack allows them to set and makes them less likely to break. PERFECT BROWNIES Some people enjoy brownies that are very moist in the center, while others prefer a firmer bake. This difference in

start around the edges, close to the paper, and spiral around the cake to finish in the center. Beautifully frosted cupcakes IMPROVISING A PIPING BAG Piping bags can be difficult to clean and unwieldy to hold, especially for small quantities of icing. Try improvising your own using a small, strong plastic freezer bag—it’s easy to hold for small detail work, and it’s disposable, too. 1 Spoon the icing into one corner of the bag, pushing it down gently to avoid air bubbles, which can spoil the

use stencils to add a decorative edge to a fine dusting of confectioners sugar. TIME-SAVING DECORATION Cut your own shapes and use a small sieve or tea strainer to control the amount of confectioner’s sugar you sprinkle over the finished cake. 30 Frosting & Finishing QUICK & INTERESTING TOPPINGS FOR MUFFINS Muffins are some of the simplest, fastest things to bake, and they can contain a wide variety of dried fruits and nuts, as well as other flavorings, either sweet or savory. Simple toppings,

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