150 Pounds: A Novel of Waists and Measures

150 Pounds: A Novel of Waists and Measures

Kate Rockland

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0312576013

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Full time bloggers Alexis Allbright, of Skinny Chick fame, and Shoshana Weiner, of Fat and Fabulous stand out in the blogosphere like diamonds. Both have over five million loyal readers. Both are hungry for success. But their similarities end there as they send out directly opposing messages about women, weight and what is healthy.

After being invited as guests on Oprah Winfrey, Shoshana and Alexis are forced into each other's lives but hope never to see each other again. However the result of two exciting life events means a drastic weight change for both of them, and they are forced to confront the real issue at hand:  What is the best message to give women about their weight? Should they try and shed it, or learn to love their own skin?

These two writers living across the Hudson River from one another in Manhattan, NYC and Hoboken, New Jersey must put their differences aside as they realize there is no perfect number on the scale.

Shoshana and Alexis, once enemies, will discover they have much more in common than they ever thought possible: by the end of the novel they will both weigh 150 Pounds.

An entertaining yet poignant look at a difficult and pressing issue that will affect all women at some point in their life or other. The book ends with a positive message and a lesson that we can all learn from.

"Ms. Rockland handles an emotional topic sensitively yet head-on. The result is that the reader is left with an inner confidence and somehow more sure of living in their own skin. Every woman who has hangups about her weight should read this."

Laura Pepper, Author of Wow! Glowing Bride in 30 Days














rounded slightly. She’d grown out her trademark stick-straight blond bob to mid-shoulder-length. Shoshana always thought girls looked better with some shape, and she admired Alexis’s butt in an offhand way in her jeans as she walked up to the counter. In all, she looked curvier. Shoshana approved. Alexis brought the coffees over, along with a banana nut muffin she cut in half to share with Shoshana, who thought inwardly that maybe Alexis hadn’t changed that much, as who wanted to eat only half a

information, or to have Kate speak to your reading group, please visit her at www.katerockland.com. This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this novel are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. THOMAS DUNNE BOOKS. An imprint of St. Martin’s Press. 150 POUNDS. Copyright � 2011 by Kate Rockland. All rights reserved. For information, address St. Martin’s Press, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10010.

small, private Catholic school. She’d been the president, of course. It had three members, girls on Alexis’s cheerleading squad who were too scared of her to turn her down when she set about recruiting. She’d been popular in an eerie way—passing judgments that cut too close to the bone to be ignored, splitting up couples she thought shouldn’t be dating in the first place with nasty gossip. Alexis was popular in school because her father donated a million dollars so it could be one of the first in

time, and now, with going to Mimi’s house and getting things sorted, she wasn’t sure if she’d ever finish the book. She sighed. What was with the fruit basket idea, anyway? Had the whole world gone mad from lack of calories? What ever happened to book club wine-and-cheese parties? Or at least coffee, brownies, and chitchat? Sometimes she felt like she had to be the one to “bring on the awesome,” which was a phrase she used often on her blog. Hearing the women in her book club constantly moan

The answer was that if she didn’t stick up for the heaviest women, clinically obese women, if she didn’t tell them they were not pieces of shit, people like Alexis Allbright would make not only the five-hundred-pound people want to slit their wrists, but the two-hundred-pound people feel they had no place in society, either. It was all or nothing and she was most certainly all in, but sometimes being the leader of a movement was not all fun and games. Sometimes she wanted to lie down and throw up

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