A Fool's Gold Christmas (Fool's Gold, Book 10)

A Fool's Gold Christmas (Fool's Gold, Book 10)

Susan Mallery

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0373777884

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A classic heartwarming tale for the holidays from  New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery 

The cheer in Fool's Gold, California, is bringing out the humbug in dancer Evie Stryker. An injury has forced her to return home to her estranged family. So she won't add to the awkward scenario by falling for the charms of her brother's best friend, no matter how tempting he is. When she's recruited to stage the winter festival, she vows to do as promised, then move on, anywhere but here. 

Jaded lawyer Dante Jefferson is getting used to the town he now calls home, but the pounding of little dancers' feet above his office is more than he can take. When he confronts their gorgeous teacher, he's unprepared for their searing attraction. Evie is his best friend's sister—off-limits unless he's willing to risk his heart. Dante has always believed that love is dangerous, but that was before he had to reckon with the magic of a certain small town, where miracles do seem to happen….



















into town?” she asked. “Yes. The whole place has transformed.” “I noticed a few Christmas decorations being put up this morning,” she admitted, “but nothing that earth-shattering.” He took her hand in his. “You walked home the back way, didn’t you? Through the residential part of town.” “Uh-huh.” His fingers were warm and strong next to hers. His skin smooth without being too soft. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d held hands with a guy. This was nice, she told herself. She and Dante

sky, but the next storm would bring snow to Fool’s Gold. Still, despite the occasional shiver, she felt warm inside. Or maybe just quivery. There was something about a man who knew how to kiss. No doubt Dante had plenty of practice with the women in his life. Something she should remember to keep herself safe. In the meantime, she would enjoy the anticipation. As she turned onto her street, she noticed there were more decorations on the various houses and townhomes. Lights on roof lines, and

they loved her. Until she’d been forcibly moved to Fool’s Gold after her injury, she hadn’t seen any of them in over a year. Except for Rafe, who had shown up in the early part of the summer. She wanted to say it didn’t matter, except she kind of liked the idea of having family who cared. She’d been alone for what felt like forever. No, she told herself firmly. She wasn’t getting sucked in to home and hearth and all that crap. It was the season and Fool’s Gold. The town was holiday obsessed.

other man. “I’m delighted by the Christmas music. Very eclectic choices. Some traditional songs, of course, but I’m very much enjoying the international selections.” “I like to mix it up,” Gideon told her, winking as he spoke. “Keep folks guessing.” The mayor glanced at Dante. “Gideon has recently purchased the two radio stations in town. One AM, one FM. The FM station is playing all Christmas music.” “I’ll have to tune in,” Dante said politely. “I’m getting lots of good feedback,” Gideon

him on why it was never good to be stupid. At worst, she was about to have to call for an ambulance. “You okay?” she asked, shifting into a kneeling position and glancing at the man for the first time. “Did you hit your head and—” Crap and double crap. This wasn’t some random stupid person, she thought, taking in the perfectly shaped jaw, the firm full mouth and, when his lids slowly opened, the dark eyes fringed by long lashes. This was possibly the best-looking man on the planet. Clay

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