Amid the Shadows

Amid the Shadows

Michael C. Grumley

Language: English

Pages: 312

ISBN: 1492874248

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"If I Could Give It Ten Stars, I Would." - Myra Hotchkiss

"Masterfully written. I did not want it to end." - Sally B. Lowe

Young Sarah was devastated following the loss of her mother. At just six years old, she was now alone and very confused. She had no idea that the young, newly assigned social worker on the other side of the glass would become the hero she needed. Neither of them did.

Christine Rose's smile through the window was a nervous one. It was her first case and no one knew yet just how special Sarah really was. But Christine was about to find out, including the terrible reason behind her mother's death.

The time had finally come. After being hidden for centuries, the world's most devastating secret was now being exposed. And with it, a chain reaction as far reaching as anyone could imagine.

But one individual could still change the outcome. From the halls of Washington D.C., to the Vatican, to the deserted Nazi bunkers of Argentina, Christine would ultimately be left with just one goal...keeping Sarah alive.

And what Christine doesn't yet know is she isn't the only one on Sarah's side.





















locations, 172 countries, and conducting business in 150 currencies. Located just a few blocks from the White House, it took Griffin and Buckley almost two hours to drive from Baltimore, through traffic, to reach the Harry S. Truman Building on C street where the Department had been located since 1947. Housing over 1.5 million square feet of usable space with a roof over 7 square acres in size and over 4,000 windows, the giant buff-limestone building gave off a look of raw power and influence.

wondering who it could be.  How could someone just walk up to the front porch? The knocking came again, this time louder.  Christine and Sarah did not move. “Ms. Rose?” a man’s voice called.  “Ms. Rose, are you in there?” She slowly looked down at Sarah, and then back to the thick brown door.   She took a deep breath.  “Who is it?” “Ms. Rose, I’m from the FBI.  I need to talk to you.” The FBI?  That would explain how he made it to the porch.  “Who are you?” “My name is Glen Smith,” he

Christine grabbed Sarah and looked around the restaurant, but there was no way to get past them, much less to an exit.    She squeezed Sarah tighter and tried to think of something to do, anything, but she was stopped when McCaullah stepped in front of her and reloaded his gun. “A lot of people have been looking for you two,” he said, putting the used magazine into his jacket pocket.  “We couldn’t find you, and then, imagine that, Tim calls me from out of the blue.”  He smiled at the other three

ready to jump back inside the car. Just as she was about to launch herself back into the seat, something appeared out of the darkness.  It was the barrel of a gun. She froze again.  The barrel inched forward until the outline of a man’s face appeared.  His short white hair and face eased slowly out of the darkness followed by his body.  He was holding what appeared to be a scary looking shotgun. “You alone?” he asked in a low voice. She nodded, careful not to move anything except her head.

nodded silently to Avery who nodded back.  With that, Rand turned and pushed on a small area of the wall causing a door to pop open.  He pulled the small door all the way back revealing a single, large button.  He looked down at the girls and, without pausing, he smashed his palm against it. Murad lined up several of his men and instructed them to fire at the door where he believed the lock to be located on the other side.  He wanted them to fire into the same spot, from the same angle, and to

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