Beyond Reach: A Novel (Grant County)

Beyond Reach: A Novel (Grant County)

Karin Slaughter

Language: English

Pages: 608

ISBN: 0440242932

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In a small Georgia town, Detective Lena Adams is accused of a vicious murder. A hundred miles away, Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver learns that his young detective has been arrested. And Jeffrey’s wife, pediatrician and medical examiner Sara Linton, fighting a heartbreaking malpractice suit, is thrust into the center of a bizarre and murderous case.
For Lena has fled to the place where she grew up, careening back through the shadows of her past. Now only Jeffrey and Sara can free Lena from the web of lies that has trapped her—as this powerful novel races toward its shattering climax and a final, unforgettable twist.
Praise for Karin Slaughter and Beyond Reach
“Will leave you breathless.”USA Today
“Slaughter writes with a razor.”The Plain Dealer
“Slaughter will have you on the edge of your seat.”—Seattle Post-Intelligencer
“Powerful and complex . . . Slaughter gradually unspools her fascinating story, all the way up to its shocking conclusion.”—Chicago Sun-Times

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yet again let him talk her into doing exactly what he wanted made her feel raw inside. By the time she made it back to the Elawah County limits, Lena was exhausted. Over and over again, she kept reviewing how she had played right into Ethan’s hands. He had always taken a sick delight in mind games. She could picture him calling Hank with that smirk on his face, delighting in the prospect of torturing the old man. Ethan had always used other people to get to Lena, whether it was threatening Nan

all this stuff?” he asked, indicating the chemicals, the beakers. “You were planning on leaving me holding the bag while you skipped town with that fat wife of yours.” Valentine’s fists clenched. “Don’t you dare bring Myra into this.” Bart said, “Al and I kept this town in line, kept the good people away from the bad, for thirty years. You didn’t give a shit about right and wrong. You just offered it around like candy.” “Money is money, man.” “At what cost?” “Them fistfuls of cash I was

loved her, Lee. She never doubted that.” Charlotte stood and walked over to the window. “What’s Nan like?” “Nan?” Lena echoed. “How do you know about Nan?” “She called me when Sibyl died.” “Oh.” Lena felt ashamed for not making the call herself. Charlotte seemed to pick up on this. “You had a lot going on, Lee. Don’t worry.” “I should have let you know. You were…” Lena didn’t know how to characterize Sibyl’s relationship with Charlotte. “I should have called you.” “She sounds kind of snooty

had developed a rhythm yesterday, and she found herself wanting him there if only to share her observations on the body. Gibson had a series of old scars crisscrossing his back that made Sara think that at some point he’d been whipped with a belt or something similar. There was a long, white scar down the side of his right thigh that appeared to be from an open fracture. The timer on the X-ray developer buzzed, indicating the films were ready, and Sara studied them on the ancient light box

past. Now, she was confronted with the truth—overwhelmed with it. Every photo was like a slap in the face. This was the father of the child she had left in some trashcan at the clinic in Atlanta. This was the man with whom she had shared her days two whole years of her life. After Ethan had been taken back to prison, Lena had tried and failed miserably to be with another man. Greg Mitchell had lived with her several years before, and it seemed like fate when he reentered her life around the

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