Billionaires, Bullets, Exploding Monkeys

Billionaires, Bullets, Exploding Monkeys

Mike Attebery

Language: English

Pages: 214

ISBN: 0615591434

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Seattle billionaire and software titan Jeff Pepper couldn't have chosen a worse day to check up on the research project he's been funding at the university hospital for more than a decade. When gunmen move in, seizing control of the building in their search for a previously unknown weapon, Jeff is caught in the middle of a nerve-wracking hostage situation, one in which he is an all-too-valuable pawn. As tensions mount and the body count rises, his only hope for survival rests on the shoulders of Nick, a deadbeat kid trapped in another part of the building. Working with law-enforcement officials outside, Nick must guide a special team through the locked-down facility and help them save as many lives as possible, while Jeff Pepper uses every negotiating trick up his sleeve to see that he and his fellow captives make it out alive.












her interests simmer closer to the surface, where every so often they could boil over and burn you. He knew something would happen between them the first time he saw her. Her eyes told him so. The way she touched him on the shoulder only confirmed it. She was interviewing for a student assistant position in the department. It was about a month before she’d be starting her sophomore year, but she’d come in early to try to beat out the competition. It worked. Afterward, as she stood outside the

mentioned seeing men in fire gear inside the building before the alarms went off. Did you guys have any inspections going on today?” Sam shook his head. “No. And there were no calls to the station before then.” Mark put his hand on Morgan’s shoulder. “Which area of the building were you in?” “The Health Sciences wing.” “No alarms were set off in that section,” Sam said. “So there are probably still a lot of people down there.” Mark pressed the transmitter on his radio. “This is Price. Tully,

the courtyard in front of the Research Sciences Building. Crowds of people, students and staff, stood in clusters everywhere. Ransom knew there was a reason the police had asked for him and not Phelps. Actually, in this case there were several reasons. He was sort of the go-to guy for the Seattle Police Department. He was known to do good work with minimal hassle and maximum payoff. He was easy to deal with and made solid decisions. In this case there was another reason: He was good friends with

years ago, they’d tried to nickname him “Lucy.” When they saw the way he handled a gun, they quickly changed it to “Luke.” Where Luke was serious, and above all things, humorless about his name, Gomez was the jokester, more than adept at his job, but never overwhelmed by the situations their line of work got them into. He also had a penchant for eating marshmallow circus peanuts, and kept the pockets of his vest and cargo pants stuffed with them. They took the elevator to the top of the north

of her moaning. They’d get back to the office soon enough. For now there were better things to do. * * * He’d gotten off the bus earlier than usual that day. There had still been that damp, cool feeling of morning in the air as he walked into the building. The front lobby was filled with the usual cast of characters: the homeless guy who cooked all of his meals in the microwave near the vending machines; the group of lab technicians, all in their fifties, with scraggly beards and flannel

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