Bryant & May and the Invisible Code

Bryant & May and the Invisible Code

Christopher Fowler

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ISBN: 0857500953

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classified documents?’ ‘Oh, they weren’t classified,’ said Bryant cheerily. ‘There’s nothing in the paperwork of any value whatsoever.’ ‘What are you talking about? Why is the Home Office holding her if she’s not suspected of spying?’ ‘Well, they don’t yet know that there’s nothing of value in the papers.’ ‘But you do.’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Would you care to explain how you know?’ ‘I made a few inquiries.’ ‘Then why didn’t you tell me?’ ‘I wanted Mrs Lang to think they were important for now. If we

right,’ said May wearily. ‘You’re not making any sense at all. It’s late; let’s go home.’ ‘No, you go. I’ll stay.’ ‘Then I’ll stay too.’ The light in the old warehouse at 231, Caledonian Road, burned on through the lonely night. May felt lousy. He washed in the unit’s leaky, cantankerous bathroom and had a shave, but still felt ill prepared to face Kasavian’s wrath first thing on a Monday morning. To his surprise the security chief’s assistant called to tell him that Kasavian was walking on

didn’t startle you last time. But then you heard my shoes, didn’t you? You made a comment about me still wearing Blakey’s. You didn’t see me reflected in the mirror above your desk. And then there was the mix-up with the cadaver drawers. You had trouble finding O’Connor. How long have you been having a problem with your eyes?’ Fenchurch looked devastated. ‘Don’t say anything, Arthur. Please. I’ve got eight months to go before retirement.’ ‘But it’s affecting your work, Ben. You didn’t spot the

in to see me about it and I said no. Absolutely not. We have to keep our noses clean for a while.’ ‘Fair enough,’ said May, raising his hands. ‘The others wanted me to ask.’ ‘Wait, what others?’ ‘Everyone. Janice, Jack, Meera, Colin, all of them.’ ‘Are you telling me you’ve been going around canvassing support behind my back?’ ‘Of course not. But you know when Arthur gets a hunch it usually turns out to be right.’ Land caught sight of himself in the mirror and saw the usual mix of

on a need-to-know basis?’ ‘Theseus was developing a bioweapon for Porton Down that appears to have been banned under international law. It was codenamed “Scarlet Thread”.’ ‘They chose the name of a biblical myth,’ said Bryant. ‘A mutation of avian flu that could be air-transmitted to affect everyone with a particular characteristic. Not in the blood, though – everyone’s blood is the same. Variations in race occur because of melanin and tiny differences in DNA. The idea was to develop a weapon

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