Cake Balls: Amazingly Delicious Bite-Size Treats

Cake Balls: Amazingly Delicious Bite-Size Treats

Robin Ankeny, Charlotte Lyon

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0762445769

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Authors Robin Ankeny and Charlotte Lyon started The Cake Ball Company in 2006, and it has quickly become the leader in the cake ball market. Perfect for both new and experienced bakers and all those who are sick of boring plain cakes and the cupcake trend, cake balls are bite-sized bits of moist cake blended with rich icing and surrounded in a beautiful chocolate shell. Cake balls are super-fun to make and the end product is cute yet elegant—not to mention delicious—making them the ideal dessert for parties, brunches, showers, weddings, and more.

Included within this tasty little cookbook you will find three cake and three icing recipes, for which all of the 51 cake ball recipes in the book are based on, troubleshooting tips, decorating and packaging ideas, and 45+ full-color photos throughout. Some of the tasty recipes include Southern Red Velvet, Triple Chocolate
Chip, Gingerbread, Tiramisu, Carrot Cake, Strawberries and Cream, and many more.
















the icing (page 33) or open your store-bought icing. Note that this recipe calls for less icing than normal because the cake is already super moist from the sundae syrup. 4. After the cake has cooled, follow the cake ball method instructions (page 17). Add the butterscotch candy to the cake crumbles and icing. Be sure to remove any large pieces of candy. 5. After the cake balls are dipped in milk chocolate, driz- zle them with fine lines. Sprinkle them with the crushed butterscotch pieces. 56

chocolate, drizzle them with the chocolate and sprinkle with the chai tea powder. Quick Tip: If you have trouble finding the chai tea powder, you can garnish the cake balls with a mixture of cardamom, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. These are the basic flavors of a chai latte. F U N WI T H CA K E BA L L S • 123 FOR THE CAKE AND ICING: 1 (18.25­ounce) box vanilla cake mix or basic vanilla cake (page 31) 1¹∕3 cups prepared chai tea ¹∕2 to ³∕4 cup basic vanilla icing (page 33) or store­ bought

out all the necessary ingredients and make sure you have enough of everything needed. We are a bit scatterbrained, so we don’t always follow this, but trust us, you should! Set aside enough time to be successful with these recipes. Cake balls are not something you can make in fifteen minutes, even if you are using the cake mix versions. It is a good idea to bake, crumble, and roll your cake balls on day one. This part will require about two hours. You can then let them freeze overnight and dip and

either, but it should be completely baked. If your cake is undercooked, you will get a sticky mess when you attempt to roll it into balls. On the same note, do not add too much icing to your cake crumbles. As you go through the recipes in this book, you will find that adding ingredients to the basic cake recipes will change the volume and consistency of the finished product. If you are using our icing recipes, you may need to adjust the amounts used to get the perfect doughlike consistency. Start

candy bar alternative. C H O C O L AT E L OV ER S 1 (18.25­ounce) box chocolate cake mix or basic chocolate cake (page 30) • 51 9780762445769-text_Layout 1 3/19/12 10:46 AM Page 52 8 Chocolate Buzz This cake ball is a definite favorite among chocoholics, which we proudly call ourselves! The “buzz” comes from the small amount of coffee in it, and helps bring out the chocolate and cinnamon flavors. If you like more coffee flavor, feel free to add more granules. FOR THE CAKE AND ICING: 1

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