Can't Take My Eyes Off You (D & S Security, Book 1)

Can't Take My Eyes Off You (D & S Security, Book 1)

Kasey Michaels

Language: English

Pages: 212

ISBN: B010MZB880

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Shelby Taite, restless and bored with her high society life, decides to go on an adventure and see how the other half lives. She hops a bus (dragging no less than five suitcases) and ends up in her chauffeur's hometown of East Wapaneken. Quinn Delaney (ex-cop turned bodyguard) is sent to watch over and protect Shelby, but not interfere with her great adventure. What ensues is a laugh-a-minute good time.




















looked to his wife, which seemed to be a reaction born of long habit. “Dickens said we’re your aunt and uncle?” Mitzi said, her voice very much at odds with her tall, thin body, as it was deep, and seemed to come from her toes. “I doubt that highly.” “Well, okay. So you’re my great-aunt and -uncle? Or maybe something like aunt and uncle once removed? I never could figure out this stuff, could you? Especially as Mom was a bastard. Do you think Miss Manners covers bastard children anywhere?”

might have been. Still, she did know that she could have done a lot worse than to be taken in by Brandy Wasilkowski. What she considered to be the best of good luck was finding out that Brandy lived in the Allentown suburb of East Wapaneken, residing in a second floor apartment in an old, converted school building. Within hours of her silly collapse into tears at the diner, Shelby found herself firmly under Brandy’s wing, and she and her five suitcases transferred to the spare bedroom in that

Faith Hill. Reba McEntire. Shania Twain. And somebody else, her poster not favored with a signature, as if everyone should automatically know her—or recognize her by the size of her blond wig, the absolutely magnificent display of breasts beneath a jeweled gown and above a wasp-thin waist. Well, Shelby thought, turning away from those unbelievable breasts, at least she wouldn’t feel alone in here. A person couldn’t possibly feel alone in this room. She picked up one of the dozen photographs

quite good. Her stomach must have agreed, because it grumbled at her as she decided that a scrambled egg might not be such a bad idea. Unless her rumbling stomach was trying to warn her that she’d run out of lies and she was about to be found out for the fake she was. There was that. “The truth, Brandy? I did tell you the truth last night.” “Sure you did, kiddo, even though I was sort of holding out on you. I forgot to mention that I’m the queen of England.” She reached a hand across the table,

“cheap thrill” in years, then started dusting the living room furniture. His mouth dry, and tasting as if he’d been chewing sweaty socks, Quinn stabbed his fingers through his hair as he blinked, shook himself like a wet puppy, and positioned himself in front of the closed door. “Who’s there?” “A friend. Now open the damn door and get me out of this hallway, friend, or I can safely assure you that we’re both going to rue the day we were born into this mortal coil.” Quinn’s eyes opened wide,

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