Child of Darkness (Gemini)

Child of Darkness (Gemini)

V.C. Andrews

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 0743493850

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

She grew up in the shadows of lies.
Now the past will come to light.

As a child, she was Baby Celeste, the one thing that kept her mother in touch with reality. But now her mother is in an institution, and sixteen-year-old Celeste Atwell is alone in the world. Adopted by a wealthy couple, Celeste has everything a girl could desire: designer clothes, luxury cars, even a handsome boyfriend. But her indulgence may come at a steep price -- because the secrets hidden within her new family are too dangerous to keep under wraps....
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I missed the most now. Just thinking about it made me sad. "Are you all right, dear?" Nana Prescott asked me. She saw the expression on my face, I guess. I nodded. "She's just tired," Papa Prescott said, smiling at me. "It's been a big day for her." Why didn't he say you? It's been a big day for you? I wondered. He made me feel like we were all talking about someone else, or like I was in a glass case and they were observing me. Finally, I went up to bed. The first night I went to sleep in

years since anyone had any interest in me, and I had just celebrated my seventeenth birthday. Most married couples coming to the orphanage look for much younger children, especially ones just born. Who would want to take in a teenager these days, especially me? I wondered. As one of my counselors, Dr. Sackett, once told me, "Celeste, you have to realize you come with a great deal more baggage than the average orphan child." The baggage wasn't boxes of dresses and shoes either. He was referring

level of temptation until he has you where he wants you." I could feel that same guilt raining itself down upon me, each drop another tiny sting of conscience, trying to get me to turn away from all this, to reject it. I don't care, I thought defiantly. I deserve this. I've suffered enough, and I want it all. Why shouldn't I? Besides, it has to be my destiny. It has to be something meant to happen. I knew no matter what I said or believed, if Noble were here, he would not approve. He was

even more, something I had wished for and fantasized so hard, I made it come true. When I looked out and down, I saw Trevor Foley standing in a pool of moonlight, looking up at me. 12 Sweet Sorrow . I opened my window and poked my head out. "What are you doing here?" I called down to him. "The party stunk," he said. "I thought I'd drop by. I saw your piano teacher leave, and I was watching you through the window so I would know when you went up to your room." "How did you get through

dashboard. "It really is a nice car. He kept it like new. I'm still amazed he gave it to you and bought himself another one." "I was always taught never to look a gift horse in the mouth," I said, and backed out of the parking spot. "Yeah, well, this is more than a gift from a horse," he remarked. "Cousins are usually not that generous toward each other." Something in the air right after he said that gently shook the alarms inside me. I quieted them quickly. I wasn't in the mood to listen to

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