Christmas Heat

Christmas Heat

Devon Vaughn Archer

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 1518678084

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the time honored tradition of such holiday classics as The Christmas Box, The Christmas Shoes, and A Christmas Carol, comes the nostalgic love story, Christmas Heat, by bestselling romance author Devon Vaughn Archer. A season of miracles…and second chances at love.... Audrey Lamour is a successful artist and devoted mother, forever indebted to the heroic fireman who pulled her from a deadly blaze 25 years ago on Christmas Day. She honored him by painting his portrait, never dreaming her picture would become a lifeline to love. Professional photographer Conrad Pearson was driven to meet the woman whose emotional painting of his father seared his soul, even if it meant returning home to the Pacific Northwest, and painful memories he had sought to escape. But Audrey's beauty, grace, and a long ago unforgettable kiss reunite the two. Both must confront the ghosts of Christmas past and present day trust issues if they are to have a chance to forge a future together. Praise for Christmas Heat "Filled with anticipation. Devon Vaughn Archer has crafted a well-written story of love and loss. Christmas Heat is a satisfying read." -- OOSA Online Book Club "Fans of deep character driven tales will want to read Devon Vaughn Archer's strong story of love coming out of the ashes of tragedy." -- Harriet Klausner, book reviewer "You will not be disappointed...this is a great romance story where you believe in the love again, also with the season of forgiveness and love how can you miss." -- Louise Brown, book reviewer




















before but he obviously knows talent when it’s staring him in the face.” Conrad. Audrey chewed on that thought. First a request to do a portrait and then he purchases my landscapes? Had she really made that much of an impression on him based on her article in The Portraiture Artist? Or was there more to Conrad than met the eye…? Chapter 6 Conrad brought the paintings back to his borrowed house. He would decide where to hang them later. Right now he was content to simply admire them and think

rather than later. While her own life was in Festive Cove, with no plans to change that anytime soon. “There, you’re all done.” Regina admired her work as a professional manicurist. “So what do you think?” Audrey glanced up at her friend’s narrow face before honing in on her nails, which had been chiseled and painted berry. “I love them! Another great job, girl.” “They do look good, don’t they?” Regina smiled. “Though let’s face it, Audrey, for someone as gorgeous as you, your fingernails are

What else was he missing? The choir practiced till their sound was finely tuned and harmonic. Audrey felt as if her throat would surely crack under the demands of the tough and determined choir director. But she refused to fold and instead sought to blend in as much as possible, molding her soft voice to the songs to the best of her ability. At one point when she upped it a notch to something bordering on mezzo, Regina uttered to the amusement of all, “You go, girl!” Audrey blushed, while

Conrad said on the spur of the moment, wondering why he hadn’t thought of it sooner. “And Stacy, too.” “Maybe,” Audrey said, though never entirely at ease with having her picture taken. No such worries for her daughter. “Stacy loves to be in front of the camera every chance she gets. She’s a total ham.” “Good for her. She’s a beautiful girl, much like her mother. That usually translates into excellent pictures.” “Well, thanks for the compliment. I’ll try not to get too bigheaded from it.”

pretty good one. Wouldn’t you?” “I guess,” muttered Stacy. “At least Conrad left us with Mars, if he doesn’t plan to spend any more time with us.” Thank goodness for small favors, Audrey thought. Stacy had grown quite attached to Mars. Too bad his former owner turned out to be just another dishonest man with his own agenda. A man who Audrey happened to be in love with. Chapter 26 “That’s quite a story,” Brandon said over the phone. “Yeah, and not a very good one at the moment.” Conrad sat

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