Classic Cashes In A Jack Colby British Classic Car Mystery (A Jack Colby Mystery, Book 1)

Classic Cashes In A Jack Colby British Classic Car Mystery (A Jack Colby Mystery, Book 1)

Amy Myers

Language: English

Pages: 163


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jack Colby, car detective, takes a seemingly routine commission that precipitates him into a dangerous world of secrets and murder

A commission to buy a classic Packard saloon from the 1930s on behalf of a client should have been routine for Jack Colby, but this Packard is special . . . and as Jack struggles to piece together the car’s history and the mystery surrounding it, he is soon precipitated into a dangerous world where nothing is as it seems.

What is the reason behind enigmatic banking magnate Philip Moxton’s desperate desire for this particular car? Whatever it is, the car’s current owner, actor Tom Herrick, seems to know it too – and is all too willing to sell. But when murder strikes, Jack is drawn into a hunt for the truth that involves not only his personal happiness but facing a relentless killer.





















look on her face with a mission just as portentous. ‘I’ll come in,’ she told me. (That’s Pen for you.) ‘Won’t keep you long.’ ‘Good.’ Not that I believed her. She marched past me as I stood aside, still somewhat dazed. She made straight for the farmhouse kitchen, appraised her surroundings and announced that coffee would be welcome. ‘I never drink alcohol on a job,’ she informed me virtuously, taking a seat at the table. I surrendered, made the coffee, produced some passable biscuits and sat

in Green’s murder?’ That shook her rigid, and her expression grew even more mulish. ‘Of course not.’ Time for more pressure. ‘Someone in Monksford is going to know about your friendship with him, so if you haven’t spoken to the police, that’s black mark number one. They know about you.’ ‘You’re making it sound as though I’m guilty until proved innocent.’ I’d lost her, so somehow I had to retreat to get through to her. I’d have to go back to that dangerous corner of my working for Brandon and

had no luck in following it up. I’d tried the local papers and archives, a time-consuming process as I didn’t know when or where this robbery had taken place – even if it had ever happened. It couldn’t have made headlines or I’d have picked up something in the national press archives that fitted. If it had involved Philip Moxton or Tom Herrick such a robbery would probably be after the mid-seventies. Or, given that it was a classic Packard used, did it go back to Donald Moxton and Gavin Herrick,

Randolph, he gave up driving around in the Packard. His pride and joy it was, even after the robbery, but he had to sell it.’ ‘To Donald Moxton?’ ‘Wouldn’t know about that, but it went somewhere. Poor old Alfred, eh? I was a young man then and didn’t know what it was like to be old. Now I do and I don’t like it.’ ‘What about the other clerk, the one in the car with Donald?’ ‘Wasn’t from round here. A posh lad, he was.’ ‘You wouldn’t remember his name, would you?’ Hope flared up. ‘I was only

was pretty annoyed at Donald’s snootiness so he said he’d keep the car and Donald could do what he liked over the shares. Donald must have realized that if Gavin kept the car it would be a permanent reminder that Gavin had the whiphand over the robbery issue. Donald didn’t like that idea and told Gavin he was still going to leave the shares to him in his will as payment for his share of the loot. Gavin agreed, more to get rid of Donald from his life than anything else, but said he was going to

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