Computer Networks 5th By Andrew S. Tanenbaum (International Economy Edition)

Computer Networks 5th By Andrew S. Tanenbaum (International Economy Edition)

Language: English

Pages: 960

ISBN: 9332518742

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carefully defined before it is used. To help instructors using this book as a text for a course, the author has prepared various teaching aids, including • • • • • A problem solutions manual. Files containing the figures in multiple formats. PowerPoint sheets for a course using the book. A simulator (written in C) for the example protocols of Chap. 3. A Web page with links to many tutorials, organizations, FAQs, etc. The solutions manual is available directly from Prentice Hall (but only to

packets follow the same route. If a line or switch on the path goes down, the call is aborted. This property is precisely what the DoD did not like about it. Why do the telephone companies like it then? There are two reasons: 1. Quality of service. 2. Billing. By setting up a connection in advance, the subnet can reserve resources such as buffer space and router CPU capacity. If an attempt is made to set up a call and insufficient resources are available, the call is rejected and the caller gets

complex than connecting to an Ethernet. One way around the problem is to realize that a ring network is really just a collection of point-to-point links, as shown in Fig. 2-9. The interface at each computer passes the light pulse stream through to the next link and also serves as a T junction to allow the computer to send and accept messages. Figure 2-9. A fiber optic ring with active repeaters. Two types of interfaces are used. A passive interface consists of two taps fused onto the main fiber.

headend. The next step involves security. Since cable is a shared medium, anybody who wants to go to the trouble to do so can read all the traffic going past him. To prevent everyone from snooping on their neighbors (literally), all traffic is encrypted in both directions. Part of the initialization procedure involves establishing encryption keys. At first one might think that having two strangers, the headend and the modem, establish a secret key in broad daylight with thousands of people

2001). Potential applications include tracking inventory, packages, and even small birds, rodents, and insects. 1.1.4 Social Issues The widespread introduction of networking has introduced new social, ethical, and political problems. Let us just briefly mention a few of them; a thorough study would require a full book, at least. A popular feature of many networks are newsgroups or bulletin boards whereby people can exchange messages with like-minded individuals. As long as the subjects are

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