Cooking for Jewish New Year: 40 Holiday Recipes for the Food Lover

Cooking for Jewish New Year: 40 Holiday Recipes for the Food Lover

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Pages: 132


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Ideal recipes for celebrating Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur from Jayne Cohen's Jewish Holiday Cooking

This is the perfect ebook for home cooks who want to make the Jewish New Year even more meaningful and delicious than ever before. It features more than 40 recipes, plus variations, as well as captivating stories and new twists on classic Jewish food traditions, like Peach Buttermilk Kugel and recipes featuring pears and apples. All recipes are easy-to-follow and accompanied by useful suggestions that will appeal to home cooks who are familiar with Jewish food tradition as well as those who are new to it.












since she was a child growing up in Teheran, where her huge extended family—replete with lots of mischievous, giggling cousins—gathered around her grandmother’s table to eat this family heirloom, along with countless khoreshes (Iranian stews) and elegant rices. Today in her New York apartment, Yassmine keeps up the celebratory level of excitement at her own Rosh Hashanah table by investing the symbolic foods, like tongue, black-eyed peas, and pomegranates, with the same degree of importance as

pan, and slightly firm. (If the fruit you are using is somewhat firm and not particularly juicy, it will not, of course, bubble, so check that it is meltingly tender and completely cooked through.) LET the kugel cool for at least 30 minutes until set before cutting. Serve warm (reheat if necessary), at room temperature or slightly chilled, not icy cold. Kugel Variations For a lighter kugel, you can omit the crumble mixture from the topping, but make sure the peaches are well drained. After

clean. Remove the pan from the water bath and let the pudding cool slightly. SERVE the pudding warm (reheat if necessary). It is wonderful topped with heavy cream or milk, whipped cream (for a real treat, add cinnamon and sugar to the cream before whipping it), vanilla ice cream, or just solo. The pudding can be made a day or two ahead, covered, and refrigerated. To reheat, bring it back to room temperature, then bake at 325°F until heated through. DOUBLE GINGER–CARAMELIZED PEAR NOODLE KUGEL

canned tuna, mixed with hard-boiled eggs and onions. So I’ve had to invent my own family recipe for gefilte fish—for many, the defining dish of Ashkenazi cuisine. I’ve eaten some very good versions at dairy restaurants, and tasted even more delicious ones in the evocative prose of Yiddish writers. I knew what I was after. Most important is a soft, tender texture. In place of the matzoh meal filler, which might make the mixture dense, I choose bits of fresh challah, as Bella Chagall’s family had

cooking water is thinner and not as deeply flavored as the carrot juice, using an equal quantity of it would dilute the taste of the sauce too much.) Golden horseradish marries well with a little freshly grated ginger. Add the ginger to taste when first grating the horseradish. CLASSIC HORSERADISH, WHITE OR RED yield: 1 TO 11⁄2 CUPS FOR WHITE (PLAIN) HORSERADISH (CHRAIN) Omit the carrots from the Golden Horseradish and coarsely grind the horseradish, as described in the recipe. With the

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