Counterfeit Wives

Counterfeit Wives

Phillip Thomas Duck

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 0373831293

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

He's handsome, intelligent, romantic and every woman's perfect husband. Too bad he's also three women's perfect husband. Under assumed names, Todd (aka Terry and Michael James) Darling has used his charm to seduce and betray women like Nikki, Jacqueline and Dawn, who all learned too late that their dream marriage was an illusion.

Nikki, pregnant and broke, has taken refuge with a lesbian friend and the woman's partner, who are convinced that Nikki's unborn child is the answer to their prayers. Jacqueline turns to some of her eccentric Southern relatives for help, but their immoral lifestyle is a dangerous temptation. Dawn has fought to keep her independence, but now she's forced to move in with her judgmental older sister and brother-in-law, bringing their fragile marriage to the breaking point.

Struggling to rebuild their lives, Nikki, Jacqueline and Dawn are each invited by a mysterious woman to learn more about the husband they thought they knew. But on a journey filled with surprises, the greatest revelations will be the truths they learn about themselves.…














vomit. I was scared but determined to move away from Tanya’s raised voice, move away from thoughts of Jo Min. From stupid and blind, blind, blind. Then I heard it: the low growl of the neighbor’s dog. I realized then that the neighbor boy had turned off his music. That diversion no longer existed. It was just me and the sound of that angry dog. I tried to turn back. But I bumped something. I didn’t know what. I attempted to move to my left, bumped something else. Moving to my right, I stepped

with them. I was about to do just that, if I had to. I mean he looked so good I’d have smacked his mama with them. He cleared his throat and said, “If you can give me three reasons why you shouldn’t honor me with a dinner date I’ll step away. I have to tell you, though. The food at Vu is incredible. And I’m good company. You’d be making a mistake if you come up with three excuses not to let me love you down.” I said, “Excuses?” He nodded. “Two grown and sexy people, yes, it would be a shame if

Mad as hell, but he jetted. He’ll be back to cause me trouble. I know it. I know his type.” James said, “It might be time to give it up anyhow. Stop dancing.” “Can you come get me, boo? I’m not up to doing the bus.” Most days I left my Audi with James so he could run any errands he needed to. I had no real use for the car anyway. When I got done at the Kitty I usually hit up the gym, which was right up the street, then I walked the two blocks from there to Shawshank Park to write in my

believe she did. No. No, I don’t believe my wife did.” His gaze fell away at that point. I held mine on him. He couldn’t or wouldn’t return my look. I realized something. The realization came sudden like a flash rain. I said, “Oh my God, Corey. You had an affair.” He looked up suddenly. I can only describe the look he gave me as weary. “I’m not without sin,” he admitted after a beat. I asked, “To get back at my sister?” He smiled a smile that wasn’t really one. “It’s so much more complicated

she sucked me. My breathing was ragged. My chest rose and fell. The warmth of her mouth had me on fire. I could only manage a weak, “Damn.” She gripped the base of my dick and sucked hard on my tip. “Fuck. Shit.” I growled, “Suck it.” My words must have moved her because her pace picked up. She stopped playing with just the tip and was taking in the whole thing again. Wet sounds filled the room. I closed my eyes. I couldn’t keep them open any longer. Closed my eyes and fought to keep a

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