Cradle and All

Cradle and All

James Patterson

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0316315265

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In Boston, a young woman finds herself pregnant--even though she is still a virgin.

In Ireland, another young woman discovers she is in the same impossible condition.

And in cities all around the world, medical authorities are overwhelmed by epidemics, droughts, famines, floods, and worse. It all feels like a sign that something awful is coming.

Anne Fitzgerald, a former nun turned private investigator, is hired by the Archdiocese of Boston to investigate the immaculate conceptions. Even as she comes to care about and trust the young women, she realizes that both are in great danger. Terrifying forces of light and darkness are gathering. Stepping into uncharted territory where the unknown is just the beginning, Anne must discover the truth--to save the young women, to save herself, and to protect the future of all mankind.











of God, had become man. Was it truth or was it myth? I wanted a fact. I was starving for one measly, crummy fact to prove what I was starting to believe. As I continued down Memorial Boulevard, I saw a gold-and-blue sign pointing to the left, just past Spring Street: ROGERS HIGH SCHOOL. I hit the turn signal. There was someone at the school who might give me what I wanted: a little light on this fantastic puzzle. Kathleen’s date on the night of January 23. Jamie Jordan. He was a cold hard

flustered, red-faced police chief as if he weren’t there. Peering through the fog, she could see where the yellow Mercedes had awkwardly struck the rocks, grille first. Hypnotically, she put one foot in front of the other and, balancing her awkward body, began her rocky descent. Your lover is dead! She heard a voice screech inside her head. It’s time to admit the truth about you and Jamie. Tell the truth, you bitch! Kathleen wanted to do it — but she couldn’t remember what had happened. “I

shooter’s stance. She held a pistol in front of her. Anne had saved her life, and the baby’s. Chapter 71 I WOULDN’T LET MYSELF go into shock; I couldn’t. I thought that I finally understood why I was at Sun Cottage. I understood, the way a soldier must finally understand when he or she fights in a war, that killing simply can’t be avoided. I remembered John Rooney asking me if I had a license for a gun. I’d thought at the time he was making a joke. Now I knew better. This was no joke. I

protruding rock. She fell, striking the ground hard. She groaned and sobbed loudly. She had twisted her leg. Kathleen curled herself into a small, safe ball on the ground. That felt better — better than facing the freezing cold. She wondered if she could sleep right here. Be all right in the morning — just sleep. No, she would be dead. She’d freeze to death. How could Jamie and the others leave her out here? Then Kathleen heard cars speeding back down the long stretch of park road. The bright

perched on another weathered rock face. High over his head the sky was filled with birds. Everything was becoming dark beneath them. It was like night, but it was the middle of the day. Justin saw a flash of the pink blanket. The child. The poor baby continued to cry. “Father, please, stop — please. You can’t be sure. Are you sure?” “You don’t believe anymore.” Rosetti’s powerful voice echoed down the steep cliffside. “None of you believe! Not in Our Lord! Not in Satan! Not in anything that

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