Dangerous Lady

Dangerous Lady

Martina Cole

Language: English

Pages: 576

ISBN: 0747239320

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

No one thinks a seventeen-year-old girl can take on the hard men of London's gangland, but it's a mistake to underestimate Maura Ryan: she's tough, clever and beautiful - which makes her one very dangerous lady. Together, she and her brother Michael are unbeatable but notoriety has its price. The police are determined to put away Maura once and for all - and not everyone in the family think that's such a bad idea. When it comes to the crunch, Maura has to face the pain of lost love in her past - and the dangerous lady discovers her heart is not make entirely of stone.




















cleaned its nose and gently blew into its mouth while he pressed tenderly on its tiny ribcage. The baby coughed and gave a little cry. Then, taking a deep breath, began to bawl its head off. Quick as a flash the doctor had cut the cord, passed the child to Matilda Jenkins, and was stitching away at Sarah as if his own life depended on it. She lay against the pillows, her whole body numb. She swore to herself that this was going to be the last child. 'Your first girl, Sarah.' Matilda's voice was

looking forward to seeing her tonight. Then, within two minutes, she had started an argument with him. He couldn't believe it. 'I'm sorry, Terry.' Her voice was small. He relaxed. 'Let's forget it. I've booked a table for us up West in a snazzy restaurant.' He saw her face fall again. Now what was the matter with her? Maura was in a state of acute agitation. She couldn't go up West with him! Supposing Mickey saw her? Or one of her other brothers? Not to mention all the people who worked for

it was all too much for Terry. The enormity of what he had found out, coupled with the humiliation of being bawled out in full earshot of his colleagues, took its toll. He lost his temper. He stood up and, putting his hands on the desk in front of him, palms flat, shouted in the Chief Inspector's face. ; 'I'm not taking the piss out of you . . . you can't takef the piss out of shit! Surely you know that? You seem to know everything else. As for Maura Ryan, it never occurred to me to run her

hostesses were, as always, pleased to see her, unlike some of the men who worked for the Ryans who were wary of Maura. She was regarded as a hard-hearted bitch by the majority of them. Though if any one of them got hurt during the course of their work, it was Maura who saw to it that their wives were amply provided for. She half guessed what was said about her and made a conscious effort to keep the myth alive. Maura was happy enough with their respect, she did not want their love. She wanted to

coals. 'From January I want you to take over the "breaking" side of the business. I'll inform all the men that they're to take their orders from you.' Michael stared at Joe. Then a wide grin broke out across his face and he shook his head in amazement. 'Thanks, Joe! Bloody hell!' Joe, like most people, felt happy to see Michael grin. It was as if a blinding sun had emerged from behind a black cloud. Michael had the gift of making people want to please him, as if by giving him pleasure they

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