Dead Souls

Dead Souls

Ian Rankin

Language: English

Pages: 319

ISBN: 0312202938

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Stalking a poisoner at the local zoo, Inspector John Rebus comes across a paedophile taking pictures of children. When the social workers claim he is there for legitimate educational reasons, Rebus is faced with a dilemma - should he be outed to protect local kids or given a chance to start anew? As the locals begin a hate campaign Rebus gets a call from the past: the son of a friend has gone missing and no one else will make time to ask the right questions. And then a fragment of Scotland's criminal history is repatriated at the end of a life sentence for murder. Once more Rebus's cup of trouble runneth over and the ghosts of past misdeeds return to haunt Edinburgh's streets.



















brother Mickey wrote to him, told him Janice had said to tell him she was going out with Barney Mee. And Johnny hadn’t gone home after that for a while, had found other places to be when he was on leave, writing lies home so his father and brother wouldn’t suspect, coming to think of the army as his home now … the only place he could be understood. Drifting further in his mind from Cardenden and the friends he’d once had, and the dreams he’d once thought were within his reach … 45 It was

that he’d been the leader, the pupil had soon become the master. In the courtroom, Marshall had been the one who’d scowled and grunted and played to the gallery; the one who’d looked as though the trial had nothing to do with him. The one with no visible show of shame, even as his victims told their stories. The one who’d fallen down the stairs a couple of times on his way back to the cells. Yes, Marshall had learned a lot from Harold Ince, but he’d added ingredients of his own. He was the

Morse or Dalgleish? And are there more similarities or differences between them? DEAD SOULS A colleague falls to his death from Salisbury Crags in what is believed to be a flamboyant act of atonement, while animals are being poisoned in the zoo, leading to an operation where Rebus’s actions cause a watery dip for suspicious-looking cameraman Darren Rough. Rebus is going through a ‘bad patch’, wondering where his vocation for police work has gone or even if he wants to be a cop any more,

He bowed his head, pulled a hand through his hair. Incessant hammering of nails into wood. He pushed both palms against his ears. Rebus pulled them away, using as little force as possible. Kept his voice quiet when he spoke. ‘What did he want?’ ‘Shiellion,’ Rough groaned. ‘It’s always been Shiellion.’ Rebus frowned. ‘DI Rebus …’ Barbour’s voice growing taut, breaking point almost reached. ‘What about Shiellion?’ Rough looked to Jane Barbour, his words directed at her. ‘You told him what

know one another …?’ ‘Oh, yes, all that.’ ‘And Fife?’ ‘He seemed really interested in Cardenden. I told him off, thought he was taking the mickey.’ ‘No, Cary’s always interested in people.’ ‘That’s exactly what he said.’ She paused. ‘Sure you’re all right?’ ‘Fine. It’s just … work-related problems.’ Namely, Cary Oakes, who had now pulled Janice into his game. And Rebus, himself in the middle of the board, had yet to be told the rules. ‘Want some coffee or something?’ Rebus shook his head.

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