Deadly Diamonds: A Novel (Knight and Devlin Thriller)

Deadly Diamonds: A Novel (Knight and Devlin Thriller)

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 1608090922

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

What do Boston, Dublin, and Sierra Leone have in common? The movement of blood diamonds at enormous profit but grave human expense: mafia killings in Boston and Ireland and child enslavement and murder in Sierra Leone. And who is ensnared in the middle of all of this - Michael Knight and Lex Devlin. Can they stop the enormously profitable trade of these tainted jewels? They must come between the Italian mafia in North Boston and the Irish mafia in South Boston including some remnants of the IRA in Ireland. They must also pit themselves against the enslaved and deadly child-army in Sierra Leone, who smuggle these diamonds into the mainstream for cash to buy weapons and drugs. At great personal risk, Knight and Devlin struggle to find a solution that satisfies this disparate combination of characters and, hopefully, dampens the diamond flow.


















jungle undergrowth so thick that anyone passing within three feet of them would be oblivious to their presence. His father had been gone a week. Bantu was settling into the self-esteem of his recently elevated position in the family. There were still sporadic reminding echoes from a distance, but nothing to change the village routine. On the eighth dawn of his father’s absence, Bantu was sleeping a short distance from the family hut, close to the slight coolness at the jungle’s edge. There was

their child captives after their first compelled killings, sometimes of their own families, was drowned in a sea of drugs to produce an army as destructive and devoid of conscience as any on the face of the earth. The evil fed on itself. Once the RUF had control of a diamond rich area, captured child slave labor in the pit gave them a continuing source of the rough gems. Mules in the form of other young slave laborers under close guard trekked the gems across the easy border of Liberia, where

Bantu.” Bunce started to laugh and then just shook his head in disbelief. “I think those ants in the jungle have been eating your brain. You playing another trick on old Morty here, Jimbo?” “No. No. No. Sit there. You listen, Morty. This man twenty years older’n he looks. Nine years now, he took everything the devil in hell could throw at him. You know them RUF. He survived it. It made him strong. Gotta cool head too. He don’t panic at nothin’. I seen it.” Bunce raised his hands with a half

What do I do next? I hadn’t noticed it brewing, but when I looked over, I could see fire in Seamus eyes. “What, Seamus? You look like a bomb about to go off.” He was looking straight ahead. “This is damn bloody embarrassing. I’m losing my edge. Twenty years of the wars in Ireland people minimize with the paltry words, ‘the troubles.’ Another twelve years of things that are none of your damn business. And here I come within a rat’s whisker of getting my arse blown off by some pissant of an

the hell you’re talking about.” “I know you don’t, Tommy. So let me lay it out as clearly as I can. Then, you get to choose. Are you listening carefully?” His open-mouthed stare answered that one. “Let’s look at it this way. Either you killed Salvatore Barone and stowed him in his trunk or you didn’t.” “I told you once. I did it. What the hell you want from me?” I held up a silencing hand. “Let’s pretend that question is still open. Now here’s the split. Kevin O’Byrne is already indicted for

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