Every Soul A Star

Every Soul A Star

Wendy Mass

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0316002577

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

And as streams of light fan out behind the darkened sun like the wings of a butterfly, I realize that I never saw real beauty until now.

At Moon Shadow, an isolated campground, thousands have gathered to catch a glimpse of a rare and extraordinary total eclipse of the sun. Three lives are about to be changed forever:

Ally likes the simple things in life-labyrinths, star-gazing, and comet-hunting. Her home, the moon shadow campground, is a part of who she is. She refuses to imagine it any other way.

Popular, gorgeous (everybody says so), a future homecoming queen for sure. Bree wears her beauty like a suit of armor. But what is she trying to hide?

Overweight and awkward, jack is used to spending a lot of time alone. But when opportunity knocks, he finds himself in situations he never would have imagined.

Told from three distinct voices and perspectives, Wendy Mass weaves an intricate and compelling story about strangers coming together, unlikely friendships, and finding one's place in the universe.














bath stuff, first aid kit, compass, pocket knife, bug repellent, sunblock, toolbox, sleeping bag, water purifier, snacks for the bus, canteen, and a camera.” She lays the paper on my bed and then plops down next to it. “It’s going to be a long night,” she says. “You’re sure you want to do this, right? You’ve never been away from home this long.” “I’m sure.” “Good,” she says, jumping up and pulling open my top drawer. “I think you’ll get a lot out of it. Going away with a big tour group is a

for one thing only—playing football. And if I was even REMOTELY good at playing football, I’d be all set. But I can’t run across the room without getting winded or a cramp in my side. My second-grade gym teacher told me I had two left feet. For a week after that I would only wear left-footed shoes because I thought he meant it literally. My brother Mike has two normal feet, and no problem running across a field. In fact, he’s the star first baseman on the high school baseball team. Luckily he’s

you guys plan this?” “Plan what?” I ask, squeezing into the circle between Ally and Ryan. Everyone is staring at me. You’d think they’d seen a ghost. “Your entrance,” Ally says, looking from the door to me and back again. “Ryan was telling a ghost story, and then you . . . right at the . . . oh, never mind. Now that I say it, it sounds kinda dumb.” Melanie jumps up and hugs me. “What was that for?” I ask, peeling her off of me. “You came,” she says. “I can’t believe it.” “How did you get up

The huge projection screens are already set up and a crew is testing the sound system. This is what it must feel like before a concert. “Look!” Kenny says, pointing to a crowd at the far side of the clearing. When we get closer, I see they are standing around a large cardboard box with a thin red blanket laid across it. On the top is a small oil painting resting against a wooden easel. I step closer. The painting shows two Asian men, in togas, standing next to an old-fashioned telescope. In

point wildly at them until everyone around me is laughing. I’m filled with warmth and gratitude for this new group of friends. All my visions of what this day would be like never included anyone other than my family and Ryan’s. I always thought the only friends I’d be able to share it with would be Glenn, Eta, and Peggy. I never expected to have new friends on the same planet as me. I don’t notice Dad is gone until his voice comes over the speaker. “Everyone enjoying the eclipse?” The hollers

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