Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Patricia Scanlan

Language: English

Pages: 658


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Delivering stories that span generations, and offering warmth, wisdom and love on every page - if you treasured Maeve Binchy, read Patricia Scanlan.

Three school friends, Cassie, Laura and Aileen, shared their secrets and dreams as young girls. Now they are together again, sharing their aspirations, as Cassie launches her interior design business, with a legacy that is to bring out the worst and the best in her family and friends.

Finishing Touchesis an engrossing story of schoolmates and soulmates, of shared secrets and desires - and how one young woman dared to make her impossible dream come true.











their relatives, and the nearer they got to home that evening the more heavy-hearted they got. The rest of the night had been spent looking at TV, which at least kept the younger ones occupied. It had been utterly dismal and Cassie was relieved it was all over. Maybe next year wouldn’t be so bad. What would it be like on the training course, she wondered? What kind of people would be doing it? Laura was going to meet her at lunchtime and that was something to look forward to. Although her

bloody brothers were as bad, expecting him to drop everything every time they needed a new socket put in. Only last week he had spent an entire night putting up wall-lights for one of them. Four hours’ hard work because he’d had to chase walls. And what did he get for it? Two bloody pints, that’s what. The louser. But dare he say anything to Jean? She’d go into a huff for a week. He was getting a bit sick of it. Well, he was seriously thinking of going to his sister’s party, and if Jean didn’t

thought of being alone and fending for herself had always filled her with dread. What Irene really wanted to do was to marry a nice rich man who would look after her and protect her from the big bad world. Her brief experience of working for a living in a nine-to-five job in Dublin County Council was the most horrific time of her life. It had been her mother’s idea that she visit her wealthy cousin Dorothy in Washington. But Irene had to admit that things were not looking good right now. She

of them. ‘Típota.’ Costas gave Laura a lingering smile as he assured her she was welcome before striding off to get them more coffee. ‘He fancies you,’ teased Cassie. Laura was actually blushing. ‘Oh, don’t be daft!’ ‘Oooh, she’s gone scarlet,’ giggled Aileen, who had indulged in several glasses of the house wine and was feeling on top of the world. ‘That’s sunburn,’ protested Laura. ‘My eye,’ smirked Aileen, holding out her glass for a refill. They danced until the early hours and were

was too busy plotting and planning his next deal. Laura smiled. Doug was consumed by his business deals. He was the hardest grafter she had ever met. He had been making a deal the first time they had met. She threw a piece of cardboard box into the still-red fire and watched it blaze with a little smile on her face. Doug Donnelly! He was something else. He walked into her life while she was waiting tables in Capri. He was so intent on his conversation with his companion as they were leaving

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