Tyler Keevil

Language: English

Pages: 300

ISBN: 1908069783

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When a group of hedonistic teenagers save a woman from drowning they become unlikely local heroes, but their celebrity becomes the focus for envy and harassment. Darkly comic, this novel follows the teens during their last summer together; one that will come to define their future: a summer of sex, chemical experimentation, shifting loyalties, and disillusionment.














Meanwhile I just sat there, trying my hardest to look relaxed. ‘How hot do you think it is?’ I asked. As soon as I said it, I wished I’d said something else. Anything else. I mean, Karen didn’t want to talk about how hot it was, for Christ’s sake. That’s like standing in the middle of a swimming pool and talking about how wet the water is. She shrugged. ‘Oh, about thirty I guess.’ I felt so shitty that I decided to stop talking entirely. I’d give her the silent treatment. It worked for Chris

peered out at the world, at all the mannequins, sucking back as much vodka as I could as quickly as I could. When I ran out I went back for more. Those guys could laugh at me and make fun of me all they wanted. I didn’t care. I felt pretty superior, actually. None of them knew what I’d guessed as soon as I walked in the door: that this party was destined for disaster. Bates was as guilty as any of us. The first time he came to the door, I happened to answer. I wasn’t even that surprised to see

the deck. My head felt empty and weightless, and white spots drifted across my vision like balls of cotton. The grass in Julian’s yard looked a little too green, and the sky looked a little too blue. It was as if the whole world had turned into a digital photograph. For about ten seconds everything seemed clearer and brighter and more real. ‘That’s so trippy,’ I said. Nobody paid me much attention. Jules said, ‘You’re up, Chris.’ ‘Screw that.’ ‘Are you scared?’ Karen said, tickling his foot.

lived long enough to see it close down. Actually, there’s a lot of stuff I wish he could have seen. Then again, there’s also tons of stuff I’m glad he never had to witness. Like his own funeral, for instance. Or Karen’s new hairstyle. He would have hated what she’s done to her hair. It’s harsh butt. Anyways, after dinner they went looking for a bar that would let them in. They tried a bunch of different ones, and kept getting denied. Somehow they ended up at the Roxy – this high-end club on

was shot from overhead. It showed this long stretch of road, streaked with tyre marks and strewn with pieces of metal and glass and all kinds of debris. It was like a spaceship had crash-landed in the middle of the highway. Some of the brush at the roadside had caught fire and in places it was still smouldering. Also, the guardrail on the corner was broken and twisted. I’ve never seen so many cops and reporters and cameras in one place. I bet the West Van police wanted to kill themselves when

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