Forbidden Desires

Forbidden Desires

Madhuri Banerjee

Language: English

Pages: 193

ISBN: 8129137305

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

‘Why do romantic relationships fade away? Does the magic slowly die? Or do lovers simply wake up one morning realizing they are done? Is it a trick that time plays on happy couples or is it something more profound, an evolution perhaps, of our feelings and our needs?’
Imagine there is a person you know nothing about, who is slowly destroying your marriage. Imagine there is a stranger who enters your life and makes you realize you are living a lie. Imagine there is a love so deep that you need to sacrifice everything you have to save it. Imagine you find out your partner is cheating on you. What will you do?
Naina, Ayesha, Kavita and Kaajal are four women who know nothing about each other and live cocooned in their individual worlds. Until one day, they’re forced to reckon with shocking truths they never imagined! Their desires haunt them, provoke them and make them fight to choose a new path in their lives. Will these women survive their stories of passion, betrayal and pain?
Bestselling author and film writer Madhuri Banerjee brings to you a new romantic thriller that interweaves varied stories of women and their passions, to show us how all relationships ultimately crash into each other.




















me.’ ‘Being in the IAS is respectful enough,’ Ayesha had muttered under her breath. Varun heard only what he needed to and he continued to do exactly as he pleased every year. As soon as Ayesha went out again to the kitchen she saw that her staff of maids, cooks and cleaners had heated up the dinner and were ready to serve it. She was thankful that even if they didn’t have money, they always had a battalion of people who helped in the house. That was the greatest benefit of being in the IAS.

and Kavita was just beginning to understand this. For Sara there was nothing more to understand. She had already experienced love with a woman. She was sure of herself. She knew what she wanted. How could she tell her that she knew love? She knew what it did to you. How it could change you and mislead you. How could she tell her that she had never felt this way about anyone and could see them together for a long time? Kavita herself refused to accept the thoughts about the future. They had only

lesbian when I told them I was one. So just to make things better, I went and slept with a guy after a really drunken night to show that I was joking. Two times in my life I’ve lied to someone, Kavita. My parents and my friends. To make them happy. It left me bruised and shaken because I couldn’t stand up to who I was. I vowed never to do it again. I don’t want to live like that. I want to be true to myself. Maybe society will judge me and hate me. But at least I won’t hate myself.’ Kavita

Her breathing was heavy and she was feeling sick. Maybe it was the nausea of pregnancy or it was the entire affair of Harshvardhan that made her get up and run to the bathroom to vomit. When she came back, Harshvardhan was paying the bill for the man who had just left. Ayesha saw it was fifty grand. ‘What! Why are you paying his bill?’ Ayesha asked. ‘Because it will go out of the poor manager’s salary who probably only earns that much every month anyway. These Delhi boys can be a pain. Their

smashed it beyond recognition. 3 YEARS LATER 40 ‘Yeh kya hai?’ Simran asked, as she looked around the table. The group was sitting at a new place in Hauz Khas Village. Naina brought over a plate of naan before she sat next to her friend, ‘Yeh butter chicken hai, Simran. Specially tere liye banaya hai chef ne.’ Simran held Naina’s cheek and squeezed it. ‘Now I will only come to your restaurant. There’s no need to go anywhere else any Monday!’ She took a piece of naan, dug into the

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