Frowns Need Friends Too

Frowns Need Friends Too

Sam Pink

Language: English

Pages: 204

ISBN: 1621050440

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Not having hope is not the same as being hopeless."

Frowns Need Friends Too is the Straight Outta Compton of poetry collections. Let it in and watch it burn down the house of your mind. Celebrate as your face melts off and you become more terrible than you ever thought possible. Until the day of your miserable death, you will never forget about Sam Pink."
















top and feel cheated. After I get to the top, I get to the top and I feel cheated and I will drop a rock and listen for it, to measure the height. 88 I WANT TO SCREAM IN SOMEONE’S FACE AND INTIMIDATE HIM/HER It is the end when you don’t want to trouble the only person who will still help you—when you are to them what you are to yourself. It is the end when you are too stupid to move. The tail of a dead animal in the street still moves because there is wind, not because it is still alive. 89

buried in a coffin—holding another human who died on the same day as me, both of us wearing crowns made of construction paper with plastic jewels glued on. Ouch, this is hurting me. Ouch. The worst position is the one you began with and then continued to make worse. 90 I LIKE WHEN A GIRL HAS PAINTED NAILS/TOE-NAILS The fly won’t make it across the highway because there is so much wind and none of it moves in the same direction. None of it moves in the same direction and nothing gets me hard

something I can’t tell someone else. And there will always be someone else who doesn’t want to listen. Sometimes I’m convinced that everything and everyone is an arrangement meant only for me to experience and that an afterlife is not something you bridge but experience through unending life. And when you are surrounded by people who care about you, you will never hit the ground and that’s a bad thing I guess, so what. I have never heard a person say, “so what” unconvincingly. I want to offer

right after I wake up I stand on my bed and try to jump my head into the ceiling so my neck breaks. Sometimes when you’re not looking I take your shoes away from the front door and hide them so you think you have disappeared. And that is half true. Sometimes I wear my shoes while I am sleeping because I’m worried the bad people will try to cut my toes off. I like to sleep with pants on too so I can keep my hands in my pockets and feel safe. If your jawbone fell off and mine did too, we could

only furniture in me. 150 I am the only furniture in my apartment and big disappointment is the only furniture in me. 151 FALLING ASLEEP ON THE COUCH = FAILURE I wear gloves in the shower to make sure I don’t accidentally touch myself. Don’t teach anything, except how to be a seizure of space. I lick the cold water along the bottom of the kitchen sink when it’s really late and I don’t know what to do or if there is even anything to do. Is easy to feel like my only option is to pull my hood

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