Globocop: How America Sold Its Soul and Lost Its Way

Globocop: How America Sold Its Soul and Lost Its Way

Mark David Ledbetter

Language: English

Pages: 257

ISBN: B003F769H8

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The two post 9-11 presidential elections offered America a choice between big-government, high-tax globocops quibbling over the details, not an alternative to the aggressive international militarism that makes America the natural and logical target of terrorism. This book looks at the progression from republic protected by militia to empire protected by standing armies in Athens and Rome - and the similar progression in America. It looks at an alternative: The Swiss way, which has kept Switzerland free and republican for 700 years in the center of a warlike continent. America once understood and followed Washington's Great Rule and J. Q. Adams' admonition not to go out into the world in search of monsters to destroy. America was then the light of freedom, not the sword. Now it has picked up the sword only to see the light grow dimmer year by year.














and others, McKinley had not reluctantly appointed the young firebrand reformer Theodore Roosevelt to a minor cabinet position, Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Lodge’s senatorial antithesis on the question of war was George Hoar, the elderly and dignified senior member of Lodge’s Massachusetts delegation. Hoar was the Senate’s strongest opponent of imperialism. A descendant of several soldiers in the Revolution and one signer of the Declaration of Independence, he often quoted the

traditional decentralized government with a highly centralized modern government headed, of course, by Peter Ochs. At the beginning, Napoleon had support, especially in the French-speaking areas of Switzerland. There was no government resistance to the occupation, only scattered guerrilla warfare. By the time of Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, though, the Swiss were disillusioned with newcomers to freedom - or worse, imperialists dressed as republicans - telling them what freedom should look

with Mongolia and northern China. He intended to run jointly with America the government of Japanese occupation. For the record, he also had his sights set on more of Europe, parts of the Middle East, and parts of Africa, as he had learned in dealing with Roosevelt that he would be given everything he asked for. Japan could not accept unconditional surrender. Truman would not dispense with it. America dropped two atomic bombs. Russia attacked the Japanese forces on the mainland. The war ended.

the good of humankind, it needs emperors. But imperial presidents and policing the world are not what the true America, the spiritual America, is about, no matter how grand JFK makes it sound. It is not America’s part to go out into the world in search of monsters to destroy but to show by example. When America plays globocop, it diminishes the example and watches the flame of freedom burn every year just a little bit dimmer. NEWT GINGRICH ON FOREIGN POLICY You don’t need today’s

Athens but now the Athenian forces were encamped across from them. Both armies were in good defensive positions. The attacking army would be at a disadvantage so both waited. Sparta was coming so Athens could afford to wait. For the same reason, Persia could not. After several days, the Persian generals hit on a scheme to secretly divide their forces that night and send half by boat straight on to Athens to take the undefended city by surprise. A Greek turncoat slipped word of this plan to the

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