Glow: A Novel

Glow: A Novel

Ned Beauman

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 0385352603

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

South London, May 2010: foxes are behaving strangely, Burmese immigrants are going missing, and everyone is trying to get hold of a new party drug called Glow. A young man suffering from a rare sleep disorder will uncover the connections between all these anomalies in this taut, riveting new novel by a young writer hailed by The Guardian as “playful, arresting, unnerving, opulent, rude and—above all—deliciously, startlingly, exuberantly fresh.” 

Twenty-two-year-old Raf spends his days walking Rose, a bull terrier who guards the transmitters for a pirate radio station, and his nights at raves in warehouses and launderettes. When his friend Theo vanishes without a trace, Raf’s efforts to find him will lead straight into the heart of a global corporate conspiracy. Meanwhile, he’s falling in love with a beautiful young woman he met at one of those raves, but he’ll soon discover that there is far more to Cherish than meets the eye. 

Combining the pace, drama, and explosive plot twists of a thriller with his trademark intellectual, linguistic, and comedic pyrotechnics, Glow is Ned Beauman’s most compelling, virtuosic, and compulsively readable novel yet.











still have any?” “I think so.” “Is he coming here?” Isaac shrugs. “His phone’s off.” The reason the owners of this laundrette are allowing a small rave to take place here tonight is so they can sell drugs to the crowd, but all they have is cocaine, ketamine, and a new ecstasy understudy called ethylbuphedrone that you can buy legally over the internet from laboratories in China, none of which are of any interest to Raf. Looking around, he feels, not for the first time, a mild bitterness that

until Bezant can get there.” “What? Holding cell?” The plane slowed to a halt and Martin stood up to get his suitcase down from the locker. “How long is that going to take?” “Maybe twenty-four hours.” “I need to get back to London.” “We’ll take care of everything at this end.” “No, I’ve got a … family thing. I really need to get back.” “Look, Martin, we didn’t divert the plane because Bezant needed you in Khairpur, all right? We diverted the plane because Bezant needed three trained

Perhaps it didn’t occur to her that by reproducing a minute detail that Lacebark would never have been able to get right on their own, she was bringing the two models so close together that the logic of her story got squeezed to death in between them. (After all, if Cherish had the real chemist and Lacebark had a fake one, then the two kitchens should have looked dissimilar, because Lacebark didn’t know Win personally and they were just guessing at his habits. It was only if Cherish herself was

rainy Balkan crime farm. “Win, you wouldn’t be alive right now if it weren’t for Zaya,” he says. “Lacebark would’ve caught you back in Gandayaw and tortured you until you told them how to make glow. Cherish and Zaya need you so they can keep fighting. And you owe them.” Raf can see from Win’s expression that he’s not getting anywhere. And ever since he heard Win’s story about Gandayaw, there’s been a question he’s been longing to ask, even though he knows he should save it for another time. “So

Xujiabang Copper and Gold. For this princeling who spent four and a half semesters at Harvard to have been sent to manage a mine in Guinea, he must have done something exceptionally naughty. Someone must have died, maybe on American soil, maybe in baroque circumstances. Yu knows nothing whatsoever about mining, and although he once announced that he was “too busy” to appraise himself of the difference between Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, and Papua New Guinea, he spends most of his

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