Google Secrets

Google Secrets

Yvette Davis

Language: English

Pages: 480

ISBN: 1118026659

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Become a Google guru with these effective tips, tricks, and techniques Sure, you use Google. But do you really use Google-and everything it has to offer-in the most effective way possible? Wish you could just sit down with a Google expert who would show you how to take your Google savviness to the next level? With Google Secrets , you can! Tech expert Jerri Ledford reveals the ins, outs, and little-known facts about Google to show you how to sharpen your skills so you can get more done, more efficiently. You may already be familiar with Google's most popular applications, but this indispensable guide puts your knowledge to the test with insider tips, valuable insights, and unbeatable advice on Gmail, Google Voice, Google Sketchup, Google Analytics, and dozens more. Explores the dozens of Google applications that help you stay in touch, collaborate more effectively, and locate all the information you need to accomplish almost any task Builds on your already-savvy set of Google skills and takes your smarts to the next level with little-known secrets, unique tips and tricks, and helpful hints Reveals the powerful capabilities of the entire spectrum of Google applications, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Picasa, Google Buzz, Google Maps, and much more If you demand more than just the basics, then Google Secrets is the book you've been waiting for!











install a script, be sure you understand what you are doing. read the discussions and pay attention to reviews, the number of installs, and the overall popularity of a script. these are important tools in deterdetermining the trustworthiness of the script. FigurE 2-7: the super igoogle script in use on my igoogle homepage. Organizing Interests with Pages iGoogle pages are great because you can use them to organize your gadgets into related groups, making it easy to find all those gadgets you

go a long way in letting you configure your important central hub for your specific needs. chaPtEr 3 increasing Your Knowledge with google reader in this chaPtEr 3 33 Configuring RSS feeds with Google Reader 33 Applying keyboard shortcut commands for increased productivity 33 Additional Google Reader customizations with Greasemonkey scripts 33 Customizing Google Reader with advanced settings Google Reader is a straightforward application that brings all your RSS feeds together in one

know the name(s) of the person or people to whom the patent is assigned, enter it in the box labeled Assignee. This is especially useful if you want to know all the patents held by a particular person or group. Every issued patent carries classification numbers. On the Google Patents Overview page, these classification numbers are listed directly below the Download PDF button and are labeled U.S. Classification. Classification numbers are predetermined and assigned based on the category of

attempt to get you to change your mind about something. Whatever the reason, you can use Gmail filters to quickly and permanently send the offending e‑mails to your Trash without you ever knowing they were there. Click Create a Filter. Enter the offensive person’s e‑mail address into the From field. Click Next. From the action list, select Delete It, and click Create Filter. That’s it. You’ll never see another e‑mail from that e‑mail address again. If you ever decide to give the offending person

pages, or across the top, under the header like a top navigation bar. You may also opt not to add the gadget. If you do opt out of the gadget you must manually link your pages. Now, from the Design tab, click the gadget named Pages to determine the order in which pages are listed in the navigation. As you can see from Figure 12-4, you can change the title of the Pages gadget, select whether to have new pages published automatically, rename your Home page, and choose which pages are visible and

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