Ice (Shooting Stars)

Ice (Shooting Stars)

V.C. Andrews

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0671039946

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ice wishes she could just become invisible....

Ice hides from the world behind a shield of silence. And that is what her mother hates about her. All she wants is a normal daughter who wears makeup and sexy clothes to attract boys. But Ice gets her chance to shine when she reveals her beautiful singing voice. And her extraordinary gift may become her saving grace when tragedy and deception almost destroy her dreams...
















you'll be doing." she said nodding to herself and hanging up my skirt and blouse. "And I'll have lots more to tell you, too, more than you could ever learn from books and music." She turned to me and looked thoughtful, looked on the verge of a decision. She made it quickly. "Your daddy isn't the only man I've been with. Ice. I can see in your face that the news surprises, even hurts you, but a daughter becomes a woman when she can sit with her mama and hear about her mama's love life without

cars. but I kept my eyes forward. Once you look their way, they think you're showing some interest. A gust of wind brought tears to my eyes as I quickly whipped around a coiner and headed down Balwin's street. I was practically running now. When I got to his door and pressed the buzzer, he opened it so quickly. I had to wonder if he hadn't been waiting right in the entryway the whole time. "Looks nasty," he said glancing at the way the wind had picked up some discarded paper and chased it up

only way I could tell you how I felt about you," he said softly. "I feel it all here,” he added, placing his hand over his heart. I nodded and he took me by the hand and walked me to the settee. We sat beside each other just looking at each other. When someone has so much creativity and talent inside him as Balwin has. I thought, it becomes a more solid identity, far deeper than any mask of male good looks. His feelings for me weren't only in his eyes and on his lips; they were in his very

quickly as we can. Mama. We've got to talk to the doctor." "Why rush? All they do is make you wait and wait until they're good and ready," she said. "We don't want to miss him." I insisted. "If you're not ready, I'll leave without you," I threatened. She looked up at me with surprise and then shook her head and complained all the rest of the time and all the way to the hospital, moaned about how I had hurried her so much she couldn't fix herself properly to face the world. I was to be blamed

of exhaustion. "You're just like your father when it comes to your cold personality,' she accused, pointing her long, right forefinger at me like some prosecutor— because to her way of thinking not to be outgoing and emotional was truly a crime. "There's where the ice comes into your veins. Certainly not from me. child. I'm full of heat she bragged. "A man looks into these eyes and he melts." She would wait for me to agree or smile or look like I was envious. but I didn't do any of that and

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