Keto Living Cookbook 2: Lose Weight with 101 Yummy & Low Carb Ketogenic Savory and Sweet Snacks

Keto Living Cookbook 2: Lose Weight with 101 Yummy & Low Carb Ketogenic Savory and Sweet Snacks

Ella Coleman

Language: English

Pages: 168


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Keto Living Cookbook 2 - a tasty new offering in the Keto Living series from accomplished cook, Ella Coleman.

Have your cake and eat it too, by joining the Keto community and staying in low carb ketosis.

Containing 101 delicious, easy-to-make sweet and savory snacks, this exciting new collection of recipes dispels the myth that a life without carbs means a life without fun foods or flavor.

The second in a series by Keto advocate Ella Coleman, the book was prompted by feedback from her followers to showcase tasty snack options that are still Keto-friendly.

With a little fun and creativity, combined with the right ingredients and instruction, you’ll soon be making mouth-watering Ketogenic masterpieces that are a pleasure to the palate and perfectly suited to your goals.

This book will become a fail-safe in your arsenal of tools to stay in Ketosis. Lose the weight, and love reaching your goals with this fantastic cornucopia of recipes just waiting to be discovered in the Keto Living Cookbook 2.

From pizza to pancakes, muffins to meatballs, ice-cream and more…

The recipes you’ll discover in the Keto Living Cookbook 2 are designed to satisfy a hunger yet leave you feeling curiously guilt free in the blissful aftermath.

Alongside this fantastic collection of scrumptious LCHF recipes are other useful tools including :-

  • A Comprehensive Guide to guilt free Keto-friendly Substitute Sweeteners to use in your Keto cooking in place of sugar

  • Nutritional Information - Net Carbs, Protein and Fats Counted and Fat Percentages Calculated for Every Recipe

  • Both US Standard and Metric measurements, and temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celcius

NOTE: All of the Keto Living Cookbook range are now also registered with the Kindle Matchbook system, meaning that if you prefer to purchase the paperback copy of any of Ella's books, you will automatically qualify to be able to download a free digital copy of the Kindle book. It's your choice!

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that fit within their personal macro allowance for each day. So without further ado, ahead lies a cornucopia of nutritionally calculated, fantastic snacking pleasure. Pizza, pancakes, muffins, and meatballs. Ice-cream, fat bombs, nutty delights, cakes, guacamole, burgers and more awaits. The Keto Living Cookbook 2 contains 101 of my very favorite Ketogenic snack recipes, with easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of variety designed to leave you sighing with pleasure and coming back again and

Butter for greasing * * * Directions: Mix all of the ingredients together in a large bowl. Pre-heat a waffle maker according to instructions. Add a soup ladle of batter into the hot waffle maker and cook for about 5 minutes. If the waffle sticks – cook for a little longer. Remove and allow to cool. Store in the fridge. If using a hot griddle – grease with a little butter and pour tablespoons of the batter onto it. After a couple of minutes turn and cook the other side. Nutritional

0.2g, Protein 0.4g. Zucchini Crisps These delicious keto crisps are perfect to dip or eat as they are! Makes a large bowl full – serves 6 * * * Ingredients: 6 large zucchini (about 6 inches each) Oil for deep frying Salt to sprinkle * * * Directions: Top and tail the zucchini and slice into thin rounds. Heat some oil in a deep fat fryer and fry the zucchini rounds in batches until golden and crisp, turning as they fry. Remove from the oil and drain well on paper towel.

amongst the nutty base flavor. Makes 24 * * * Ingredients: 1 cup butter, softened 1 cup granulated sugar substitute 1½ cups coconut flour 4 medium fresh eggs ½ tsp. salt ¼ cup chopped almonds 2 tsp. lemon extract * * * Directions: Pre-heat the oven to 375°F. Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper. In a medium sized bowl combine the sugar substitute, lemon extract, salt and butter and beat well together. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition.

extract (adjust to taste) 4 ounces unsweetened cocoa 1 cup salted butter 1½ cups coconut butter * * * Directions: Prepare 25 small molds and place them on a baking sheet– mini heat resistant silicone muffin cases or other molds will do. Gently melt together the coconut oil, liquid sweetener, cocoa powder and the butter over a low heat. Using a table spoon carefully spoon 1 spoonful of mixture into each mold and freeze for 15 minutes. While the mixture is freezing, melt the coconut

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