King Con: A Novel

King Con: A Novel

Stephen J. Cannell

Language: English

Pages: 407

ISBN: 0688147763

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Conman extraordinaire Beano Bates and his beautiful, unlikely partner, District Attorney Victoria Hart, join forces to engineer a multi-million-dollar scam designed to bring down a powerful mob boss and his clan. Tour."




















map. “He’s making a right on Van Ness. He’s on Route 101, everybody. I’m going to move up. Intersect point is in two blocks. Hold your pattern,” he said. The others all waited. *  *  *  * In the ex-Delta Force van, one of the sharpshooters was driving, the other rode shotgun. Tommy was seated, his hands cuffed behind him in a backwards seat facing Joe. He was looking into his brother’s hollow, cold eyes. Beano and Victoria were in the tan Lincoln just behind them with Reo, Reefer, and

the government proves they spend more than they make.” “I know how upside-down tax prosecutions work, Beano. I’m not from Cowlick, Kansas.” Beano closed his eyes at that, then went on. “Okay, so then you know what I’m looking for. Anything like that in the file?” “Yeah,” she said, and looked over at him, determined to make him ask. She didn’t like his loose, breezy manner; he was way too cocky for her taste, and if she was going to have to spend any time with him, she would need to bring him

Once Duffy’s got us ten or twelve sets of casino cubes off the tables, we’ll go to our room and drill ‘em and put the cellophane in. The way it works is, when the cellophane gas is heated by your hand, it turns solid. That loads ‘em so when you roll the dice, they come up on whatever number they’re weighted to make.” “Why do you need cellophane gas?” she asked. “Why not just use regular weights?” “Because, once you start to hit these casinos, they get very nervous and, besides checking the

farming displays to the back of the large, brightly lit store. The entire back wall was devoted to outdoor paint products. He stood with Victoria, looking at a paint-chip sampler that was on the wall. She reached out and took an emerald-green chip and showed it to him. “This is pretty. Tennessee is a green state, looks kinda like what I think a Fentress County, Tennessee, company should look like.” “When I say the words ‘ferrous oxide,’ what color comes to mind?” “Some kinda rust, I guess. …”

Prosecution had probably chosen the fourteenth floor because nobody else was up here. He was looking out of the maintenance closet through a slit in the slightly opened door. A beautiful woman he recognized as Victoria Hart left at ten P.M. He could hear her laughing with the cops before she got in the elevator and the doors closed. It was going to be much easier than he had originally thought. After she left, Tommy “Two Times” Rina slipped out of the closet and moved up the corridor to where

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