Make Your Move

Make Your Move

Samantha Hunter

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0373795467

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jodie Patterson's posh bakery is all about satisfying cravings. Her signature aphrodisiac cookies have been flying off the shelves...and giving Jodie some delicious ideas of her own.

Behind his owlish glasses, Jodie's business partner, Dr. Dan Ellison, is the male equivalent of the Naughty Professor. Jodie is more than ready to indulge her fantasies with this wolf-in-geek's-clothing as long as they set some ground rules: sex is sex, business is business and nothing will change. Yeah, right! After that first addictive kiss, it's time to see if they can really satisfy each other's appetites....











have for years, and so we already have a relationship. We’re giving in to this fantasy, this chemistry, but it will wear off. Trust me, it always does.” “Sure, after you’ve been married for years. And then it turns into something better.” “There’s no need to get nasty and start using the M word,” Jodie said with a frown. The conversation was abbreviated when the bell over the door rang. The laughter and goofing around stopped when Jodie saw the man walk in and Ginger’s color fading. “Ginger,

front to give her an excuse to be at the counter, where it was easier to eavesdrop. As it was, she couldn’t hear anything and her thoughts wandered back over their conversation about Dan. Were they getting into something too deep? Was she fooling herself? She and Dan, for as long as they’d been friends, moved in completely different circles. If it hadn’t been for college, their paths never would have crossed. Jodie wondered how well their lifestyles would mesh now and an idea formed in the

almost worried about his desk. She could feel the material of his clothes against her naked skin. He was still dressed. The friction of the fabric was erotic, and she rubbed against him shamelessly, seeking out every tactile sensation she could in the absence of sight. He worked his way down her body, pushing her legs open wider and she felt his shoulders inside of her knees. “Oh yes,” she breathed, every nerve ending in her body waiting in delicious anticipation of what she thought he would

dance that enthralled him, moving to the beat in ways that brought her into contact with his body at every point, sliding up and then down, dragging her hands over him in a way that made him forget anything but her. “That’s it, see?” she said, smiling as she leaned in to kiss him, and Dan hadn’t even realized that while she danced around—and on—him, he’d started moving to the music’s beat, meeting her moves perfectly, in what he felt was the same primitive rhythm as many mating dances he’d

elicited a groan of approval. If he’d known that all night he wouldn’t have been able to think straight. Sliding his fingers into the folds of slick flesh, he found her clit hard and hot. “You’re already so wet,” he said against her neck. She murmured something unintelligible, clearly ready from the moment he touched her, evident as she collapsed against him with a cry of release that she muffled by hiding her face in his shoulder. “Dan, I can’t believe how you do this to me,” she said

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