Making Things Perfectly Queer: Interpreting Mass Culture

Making Things Perfectly Queer: Interpreting Mass Culture

Alexander Doty

Language: English

Pages: 168

ISBN: 0816622450

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practices will fre­ quently be at odds in establishing the authorship of a text. The claims of authorship are both simplified and complicated when examining Arzner's and Cukor's films within the context of queer cul­ tural studies, as both directors were homosexual. While presenting papers about Arzner and Cukor and screening their films make obvi­ ous auteurist sense at a retrospective or at an academic symposium, does doing so in the context of a queer cultural event make as much self-evident

with m e n . 1 3 The one point on which I would differ with White is her categorizing such readings as always suijcultural, alternative, or "reading against the grain" — they are particular queer cultural readings of mass culture texts. Besides, as I have suggested, reading and enjoying mass culture texts such as The Golden Girls queerly in one way or another can be, and is, done by audiences of all sexual identities. Indeed, the sitcoms I am concerned with encourage, and in many ways position,

Peary, Cult Movies, 331. 42. Ibid., 333. 43. Ibid. 44. Ibid. 45. Ibid. 46. Carey, Cukor & Co., 53. 47. Clarens, George Cukor, 143. 48. Lambert, On Cukor, 92. 49. Ibid. 50. Films cited: A Bill of Divorcement (1932, RKO, George Cukor), Pat and Mike (1952, MGM, George Cukor). A related reflection on film history occurs to me here: frequently queer-positioned director Lowell Sherman (The Greeks Had a Word for Them, 1932, RKO; Mae West's She Done Him Wrong, 1933, Paramount) worked with Hepburn on

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