Mastering the Grill: The Owner's Manual for Outdoor Cooking

Mastering the Grill: The Owner's Manual for Outdoor Cooking

Andrew Schloss, David Joachim

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 0811849643

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Grilling is a science, and it's only when you understand the science of grilling that you can transform it into an art. That's what makes Mastering the Grill a standout on the cookbook shelf. From equipment (grill types and tools) to fire (wood, charcoal, or gas) to ingredients (meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables), the authors have shared their impressive grilling know-how to explain the whys and the howsand guarantee the wowsclearly and comprehensively. In addition to hundreds of tips and techniques, this ultimate guide is packed with how-to illustrations and mouthwatering photographs plus 350 surefire recipeseverything from rubs and marinades to appetizers, entrees, side dishes, and desserts. Mastering the Grill is a master class in cooking, destined to become a sauce-stained, well-thumbed classic.











1 hour. Heat the grill as 1/2 directed, and add the wood chips to the coals. If using a up. If your grill has a temperature gauge, it should stay at gas grill without a smoker box, put the chips in foil, poke holes around 350°F. in the foil, and put the foil packet directly over one of the gas 4. Remove the hens to a platter, cover loosely with foil, and let burners (see page 39). rest for 5 minutes before serving. cup pesto. The final turn should leave the hens breast-side MASTERING

grill grate and coat it with oil. Put the chicken on cilantro over the top; serve. the grill away from the heat, cover the grill, and cook until an SWEET RUMMY JERK CHICKEN Don’t confuse this tangy, sweet, and spicy grill-roasted chicken with authentic jerk. It is not nearly as incendiary, it doesn’t take hours to prepare, and you don’t cry with every bite. Think of it as G-rated jerk, or jerk for the whole family, or . . . okay, we admit it—it’s wimpy, it’s mainstream, and it’s really good.

Fish Stuffed with Five-Treasure Jasmine Rice Roasted in a Lotus Leaf (page 233), and Grilled Brie Wrapped in Grape Leaves (page 345). 08. COOKING ON A PLANK Thin, delicate foods such as fish fillets can stick to the grill, break apart, and become difficult to serve. A wood plank solves these problems and adds smoky flavors to the food. It also allows delicate foods to cook more gently and gradually because the wood forms a barrier between the food and the flame. This technique is used most often

present, the long sac of dark green roe that runs down the back of the lobster. These can be saved and used to flavor a stuffing or thicken a sauce. The lobster is now ready for grilling, or it can be separated into claw and tail sections. Although more than 300 species of commercial shrimp are fished from all over the world, almost all of the shrimp in the U.S. market are warm-water shrimp, which are categorized by the color of their shells when raw: white, brown, pink, and black tiger. • White

propane tank. Disconnect the propane tank and cover it with the safety cap supplied on the tank. Store the tank in an open yet secluded area, away from children. Avoid storing a propane tank in a garage, shed, or other enclosed area, which poses a safety hazard due to heat buildup. Store tools and utensils inside on a pot rack or pegboard or in a drawer to shield them from the corrosive effects of moisture. Or store them outside in a sealed storage container or tackle box. If your grill has

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