McQueen's Agency (Molly McQueen, Book 1)

McQueen's Agency (Molly McQueen, Book 1)

Maureen Reynolds

Language: English

Pages: 178


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Molly McQueen needs a new challenge. Her move to Australia hasn't worked out and now she's back home and ready to start her new venture, McQueen's Agency. But Molly soon finds that hiring temps out to local businesses is tough going, until the day a lucrative job comes in which seems almost too good to be true.

On her first day at the new job, Molly senses that something isn't quite right - but the Agency desperately needs the work. And when Molly begins to discover more about her employers and what they're really up to, she suddenly finds herself in grave danger.

Meantime, for Detective Sergeant Charlie Johns, the mysterious discovery of a sailor's body in the harbour is about to get a whole lot stranger as more and more clues start to point straight to Molly McQueen.

















garage. ‘How did it go, Molly? Did you find the house?’ Molly said she had. ‘Everything looks so expensive in the house, Marigold. There seems to be loads of money.’ She began to describe Lena, Joe and Kenneth plus the two workers. ‘Joe, the husband looks so ugly compared to her but her brother Kenneth is lovely and friendly. One of the workers is Canadian and the other one sounds English. The mail was lying behind the door but there was nothing of importance except for the postcard. Her dad

you see anyone?’ He shook his head then suddenly said, ‘You must have heard me. I had to go upstairs to the bathroom.’ Molly made herself look relieved. ‘Oh that’s all right. I thought it was a burglar.’ She stood up. ‘Thanks for the tea. I’d better get back and start earning my wages.’ She walked quickly back to the house and by the time she reached her desk, she was shaking. Christie was obviously lying, but why? On Saturday evening during the dinner, she had been in the sheds and during

groaned aloud. ‘I’d forgotten about that. Can you give John a message and tell him I can’t go?’ Irene was firm. ‘Don’t be daft. Away you go and have a night out. Billy is fine and Betty and I will be here with him.’ Edna wasn’t in the mood for a night out and hoped it wouldn’t be a late event. John arrived on the dot of seven thirty and they made their way to the small gallery which was situated on one of the quiet side streets of the town. The seafront was busy with holidaymakers and it

diary. There were some small jobs booked but nothing more than a week at a time. ‘I’ll put Edna on this one,’ said Molly; a vacancy in a small office in Tay Street, initially for one week. Molly was quite worried, as the diary didn’t show enough work for everyone. She would be finished on Thursday and now felt stupid for saying she was leaving. Maybe by Thursday Lena would be feeling better and she might ask her to stay on but she couldn’t rely on that happening. It didn’t matter so much if

I’ve not been able to connect anyone to Harry. It’s turned into a dead end, I’m afraid, but I’ll still keep trying. In the meantime, just watch out when you’re out of the house. The man who attacked you is still out there so be careful. I wish you would get Jock to walk Rover.’ Tam shook his head. ‘They’ve been so good to me and I can’t keep playing on their good nature. I’ll watch out and if that man comes near me again, well I’ll have Rover to warn me, like last time.’ Charlie walked away

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