The Mystery at Devil's Paw (The Hardy Boys, No. 38)

The Mystery at Devil's Paw (The Hardy Boys, No. 38)

Franklin W. Dixon

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0448089386

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Frank and Joe Hardy receive a telegram from Tony Prito in Alaska telling them that his life is in jeopardy, they immediately make plans to fly to Tony’s rescue.  Unknown enemies dog the Hardys and their pal Chet Morton even before they start the 4,000 mile journey. Puzzling questions lead the Hardys into dangerous sleuthing in the wilderness of Alaska and British Columbia. The astounding secret that the young detectives uncover, in the shadow of the forbidding mountain peak Devil’s Paw, winds up one of the most perilous adventures they have ever encountered.













minute, Frank and Joe plodded on toward Juneau. Finally they reached the outskirts of the city, where they flagged a taxi. “You fellows look bushed,” the driver remarked as they climbed in. “Where to?” “The seaplane base,” Frank said. At the dock they questioned a guard about Robbie Robbins. He told the Hardys that both the pilot and his helicopter were gone. “Robbie took a passenger with him,” the man reported. “Told me he was going to pick up two boys on Mendenhall Glacier.” “But we were

the Fish and Wildlife Service, Joe left the tuning untouched while he issued a few trial calls over the microphone. Almost immediately a ham operator responded. “This is Luke Burton near Ketchikan,” the voice said. “Come in, please.” Joe explained the situation, and Burton replied, “Poachers, eh? Just stand by and I’ll raise Juneau in a hurry. They’ll have the law down there so fast those guys won’t know what hit ’em!” The boys cruised out of sight beyond the point to await developments.

on the island that evening. As the boys sat around the campfire, Ted reported glumly that he still had had no word on his father. He was amazed to hear about the latest developments, and when Frank told about their plans, he eagerly agreed to go. “I’ve always wanted to take a trip into British Columbia!” Ted said. “We’ll need rifles and ammunition, though. That’s bear country!” Though Frank and Joe had been carefully trained by their father in the proper use of firearms, they never carried

Watchdog glowered as he stepped from the creek and wrung the water from his clothes. Mr. Sewell could not suppress a grin. “You certainly picked the wrong hiding place!” Frank then turned to their prisoner. “Just to see that you don’t try any tricks, we’ll keep you close to us!” “Hey, not too close,” Joe begged as Frank pulled off his belt and tied Watchdog’s hands securely behind him. “Now listen,” Frank told Watchdog sternly, “we’ll travel single file. You stay five paces behind me. Joe,

head. “Stransky couldn’t have made both sets of prints, even if he managed to break jail. But they may have been made by men working with him or for him.” “The same guys who took those potshots at me?” Tony asked with a worried look. Frank shrugged. “No telling, but these prints aren’t more than a few hours old. Whoever made them was here on the island last night!” CHAPTER V A Strange Knapsack A SILENCE fell on the campers as the full import of Frank’s words sank in. “What I’d like to

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