Night Work: A Novel

Night Work: A Novel

Steve Hamilton

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0312355009

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With Night Work, award-winning author of the acclaimed Alex McKnight series Steve Hamilton delivers an atmospheric standalone thriller.

Joe Trumbull is not a man who scares easily. But tonight he is scared to death.

It's been two years since Joe's fiancée, Laurel, was murdered. Two years of grief and loneliness. On this hot summer night, he's finally going on a blind date, his first since Laurel's death. He's not looking for love, just testing the waters to see if it's possible to live a normal life again. And after the first awkward minutes, Joe starts to think this date wasn't such a bad idea after all. In fact, maybe it will turn out to be one of the best things that ever happened to him.

He couldn't be more wrong. Because somehow, for reasons Joe doesn't yet understand, this one evening will mark the beginning of a new nightmare. A nightmare that will lead him to realize that the past is never past. And the worst is yet to come.


















old brick buildings with the ancient lettering high on the sides. FINE FURNITURE. WOMEN’S CLOTHING. From back before the malls came to the other side of town. I drove past my office. Past the old Governor Clinton Hotel, which was now an old folks’ home, around the corner and past the stockade, to the original part of the city, over three hundred years old. Kingston was the first capital of New York State, until that day in 1777 when the British came to burn it down. On the plus side, that meant

something I could relate to, even if my own version of the story included a string of stepfathers. I knew his father was abusive to him. It was just a matter of how and when, and whether I could do anything about it. I never saw any bruises on the kid, and hell, if he wasn’t even going to talk to me, I didn’t have much to act on. But I kept trying. I told him he had one more semester of school to get through, then he’d be both a graduate and an adult. Everything will change then, I told him.

boatload of money. That’s Woodstock. I had to look hard for the house. It had been over two years since my last trip, and things didn’t look quite the same. There were new mailboxes, new houses going up on the last available lots. When I was just about certain I had missed it, I finally found the driveway. I made the turn and cut in between the two maple trees. Then the whole world opened up and I was in the meadow, looking at the big farmhouse sitting up there on top of the hill. Such a

know. But you shouldn’t be talking to him, anyway.” “Since when?” “I know he’s your friend, but as of tonight, he has a big conflict of interest. Best thing for everyone is for him to keep his distance for a while.” “I need him, Chief. He has to set those BCI guys straight.” “If they want to talk to him, they will. But right now, there’s nothing he can do to help you.” “No, Chief. You don’t understand.” You obviously don’t have a friend like Howie, I wanted to say to him. You don’t go all

the tiles on the shower walls. If one of these was loose, I could do some real damage with it. “So here’s the crazy part,” he said. “Are you ready?” This one here, I thought. It seems to have a little give in it. If I can just rock it back and forth. “Joe, what are you doing in there?” “Just washing my hair,” I said. “Keep going.” “It’s the crazy part,” he said. “You won’t believe it. She thinks that killing you would have given you the same sort of release. That you would have been much

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