NYPD Red 3

NYPD Red 3

James Patterson, Marshall Karp

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 1455584932

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


NYPD Red is the elite, highly trained task force assigned to protect the rich, the famous, and the connected. And Detective Zach Jordan and his partner Kylie MacDonald-the woman who broke his heart at the police academy-are the best of the best, brilliant and tireless investigators who will stop at nothing to deliver justice.

Zach and Kylie's New Year's celebrations are cut short when they're called to the home of billionaire businessman Hunter Alden, Jr. after he makes a grisly discovery in his townhouse garage. When Alden's teenage son goes missing soon afterwards, and his father seems oddly reluctant to find him, Zach and Kylie find themselves in the middle of a chilling conspiracy that threatens everyone in its wake-especially their city's most powerful citizens.

NYPD Red 3 is the next sensational novel in James Patterson's explosive new series, a thriller that goes behind the closed doors of New York high society and into the depths of depravity.











Blackstone is here, then he and Alden are as clueless as we are about where Tripp is.” We parked out of sight. Ten minutes later, SDB came out of Lonnie Martinez’s building, then circled the Audi, inspecting it for damage. “What’s he going to do if he finds a dent?” Kylie said. “Call a cop?” He drove off, and we walked up a neatly shoveled path to number 64. We got lucky. Somebody was coming out, which let us go directly upstairs without having to ring the bell. Kylie knocked, and Juanita

terry robe, and went back to the master bedroom. She was still on the phone. “Be strong,” she said. “I’ll be there as soon as I can. Tell her to feel better and give her my love.” She hung up. “Zach, I’m sorry. Family emergency.” “Is your mother sick?” I asked. “No. It’s Fred’s mother.” Fred? Fred was Cheryl’s ex-husband. “That was Fred who called?” She nodded. “He’s devastated.” “I thought Fred was out of the picture.” “He is. But his mother is dying. I told you I was planning to drive

moving.” “You try anything and I’ll punch your lights out,” Lonnie said, climbing into the passenger seat. Tripp put the van in gear and headed east. “Now tell me who your partner is in all this rich-boy crazy kidnapping shit.” “Mr. Madison.” “Our Mr. Madison? From school?” Tripp nodded. “I had a plan—to get money from my dad.” “And you needed it so bad that you had to kill Peter?” Tripp pulled the Dodge Caravan to the curb and jammed on the brakes. “I didn’t fucking kill Peter. I didn’t

confess everything, and she pours it all out.” “Can you tell us what she said?” “It was all business talk. So when I got home I told it to Findley to see if he could make sense of it. You can talk to him if you want.” “Give us the gist of what you remember.” “Don’t hold me to the words, but the upshot is that Miss Irene was spying on Hunter. He’d invest a pot of money, like a million or something, and she could see what he was doing, so she’d do the same thing, but maybe like five thousand.

window. Some people would say ‘Not my business,’ but I’m a firm believer in ‘If you see something, say something.’ Let me tell you, this was definitely something. So I called Steve—” “Steve?” Kylie said. “Sergeant Norcia. I thought you work for him. Anyway, I don’t bother with 911. I called Steve direct at the precinct, and he sends over an undercover cop.” “How did you know the cop was undercover?” “Oh please. With that red wig and the fake red beard? Of course he was undercover. Anyway, he

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