Pelican Bay: Guard McNamara's Story (Volume 1)

Pelican Bay: Guard McNamara's Story (Volume 1)

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 1489538631

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Behind the walls of California's Pelican Bay State Prison an 18 year veteran gives you the stories behind the headlines. In a world were force is the main currency, and wits the only true tool, you will see the ugly underbelly of America's criminal class. Inmates, Administrators, and Officers all bring their share of danger and distress to one othe ugliest and most dangerous jobs humans face: the guarding of inmatesin prison.













Control Booth Officer in SHU unit C-11 on third watch. My main duties in Charlie 11 Control were to control inmate movement and facilitate safe Officer access to inmates and the physical spaces in C-11. I provided gun coverage while inmates accessed exercise yard, exchanged their laundry, came and went from medical, legal, disciplinary,  educational, and other services. And while Officers delivered mail, canteen, annual packages, meals, and other services, and while they inspected and searched

in the shower, he did not know at first who was in Control, and was very disappointed to find out it was me. The Second Watch Officers fed and picked up that pod before 07:00, the time when inmate movement was started. They did not leave his lunch sack in the cell, and told Garza if he went home at 07:00, without problems, he would receive his lunch, even though policy was for him not to receive it because he was not in his cell during feeding by his own choice. Garza went home, and was upset

work. Of course not everything that happens in prison is an incident, and none of the incident like events in this book are true accounts, they are fiction, they are in here to illustrate what prison is like, they are designed to entertain you. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. To my fellow Prison Guards, I am sorry if you feel like I am saying too much about what we go through, how we cope, who we are, but this is a book: I am “here for telling”. “In here for telling,” that is

members. His old wife missed a meeting with I/M Frank Clements wife. I/M Clements is an AB Member, his ire over the missed meeting was a career killer for up and comer Bromley. Inmates get to visit their families on weekends. The next Saturday I was escorting I/M Clements to visiting and other officers were escorting I/M Bromley. Bromley saw Clements but did not notice me. In a panic he was apologizing to Frank. He was trying desperately to make amends so he could keep his status, keep his wife

and says, “They sprayed me with a fire extinguisher.” A true statement. “Double Life” is a black man, and an officially designated Management Problem. He is a seriously twisted and disgusting person. He smears his penis with butter and presses it onto paper creating what he calls a “Shillong O Gram”, he tries to give them to female officers and staff, he tries to have them photocopied at the SHU Law Library. All inmate photocopies are done by Law library Staff. He mails them to Female and Male

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