Perfect Match

Perfect Match

Fern Michaels

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1617734586

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An injured ex-athlete discovers that giving up on the game of life is not an option...

As far as former NFL star Jake Masters is concerned, dreams are risky propositions. Years ago he came achingly close to achieving his ambition of playing in the Super Bowl--before a spinal injury ended his career. Confined to a wheelchair, unwilling to take a chance on another risky surgery that could restore his mobility, Jake now stays cocooned behind the imposing gates of his lavish home.

But his twin sister, Beth, has no intention of letting him languish there forever. After years of flitting from one failed business idea to another, all fueled by Jake's generosity, she now owns a highly lucrative matchmaking service. And she's gifting the business to Jake--whether he likes it or not--while she follows her dreams of making it as a singer in Nashville.

Though Jake had plenty of women falling all over him at the peak of his success, he knows nothing about matchmaking. He's willing to try for his sister's sake, and it's soon clear that he needs an assistant. Enter Gracie Sweet, whose slender frame belies a take-no-charge toughness that would put any linebacker to shame. Grace begins by revamping the business and soon she's overhauling Jake's entire life--and to his huge surprise, Jake's enjoying it. But when their clients become victims of theft, Gracie and Jake must reconcile their very different outlooks if they're to have any chance of saving the business...and if Jake is to make another play for the life he thought he lost...



















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exclamation. When nothing happened, he went back to chewing on his oversized bone. Gracie Sweet was never one to let things simmer if she could bring matters to a full boil. Nor did she know the meaning of the word relax. She was what she called on, twenty-four/seven or until she collapsed in bed. It was who she was. Gracie gave a very unladylike snort as she headed upstairs to take a shower and get dressed. Surely she would find something to keep her busy until she heard from the twins, Henry,

anxiously. “Who knows? Not anything very flattering, that’s for sure. He’ll probably say it’s a girly-girl thing, with the curtains. Since I’m the one who will be locked up here working eight to ten hours a day, it’s me that counts. I don’t think he’s much into light and airy—more dark and dismal and dungeonlike. According to Beth, the guy is in a dark place in his head. When all is said and done at the end of the day, it is what it is. If this doesn’t work, I just go back to the house and pick

scraggly-looking man just stared at her, she snapped. “Well, do I come in or do I leave? Good manners dictate you make some kind of comment about now.” Moose stepped aside and said out of the corner of his mouth, “Well, you’re here, so you might as well come in.” This was not going to be a walk in the park, Gracie decided as she followed Moose Dennison down a hall, through a trophy room, and into another room that looked like a rat’s nest of an office. Jake Masters sat behind a glass-topped

happened to you. You’re the reason I get up in the morning. You’re the wind beneath my wings. I know that’s what you always say to me, but now it’s my turn to say it to you. Oh, and another thing. I want us to get married in February, right after we cut the CD. Jake will just have to do overtime on his therapy so he can walk me down the aisle. I’m going to have a regular parade. Gizmo leading, then Arnold, and then me, Jake, and Moose heading down that aisle. Gracie is going to be my maid of

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