Rothschild Money Trust

Rothschild Money Trust

George Armstrong

Language: English

Pages: 227

ISBN: 096003580X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book attempts to expose the Rothschild secret protocols and planned world domination.


















house was reckoned at 600,000,000 francs as against 362,000,000 for all of the other Paris bankers. We have no historical information as to the wealth of the Berlin, Vienna and Naples branches. We do, however, know that they were strong enough to dominate the money markets of those capitals. At the rate of speed that Nathan traveled, viz., an increase of 500% a year, the fortune of the London branch alone would have been more than $100,000,000,000 by 1840. It is not likely, however, that he

World War I. We cannot accept Mr. Churchill's statements at par. He is the Jewish-type of politician that only says and does those things that will promote his own purposes. In fact he has publicly stated, boastfully, that he only gives out such information as he thinks it is good for the public to know,—of which he is the exclusive judge. President Roosevelt sent his envoy, Sumner Welles, abroad for the pretended purpose of sounding out the warring countries and the Pope of Rome on the subject

etc., on the open market in New York and Chicago, and issuing in payment therefor the notes of the Federal Reserve banks. To contract the currency the process is reversed; they sell securities and receive currency in payment therefor, which is thereby withdrawn from circulation. This supplanted the original system of issuing currency in payment of eligible notes discounted by member banks. The difference is that under the present system the "open market" committee determines how much currency is

managing. Make no mistake about that. If it were possible for the people to do the managing the Rothschilds would not want that kind of system. We have had this system since the amendment to the Federal Reserve Act, which took away the right of the member banks to convert their "eligible" securities into currency, and invested the Federal Reserve Board with the discretionary power to issue money. It is necessary to the success of this system that we have a limited quantity of money in

There are many excuses for the members of Congress that do not apply to the President. He and his Administration represent the leadership of the Democratic Party. It is considered mutiny for the members of the party to refuse to follow his leadership. The Republican Party is now so poorly represented in Congress that it can scarcely be called an opposition party. Moreover, there is the mighty power of the Jewish-owned press to be considered. There is scarcely an editor or columnist who does no

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