Runaway Vampire: An Argeneau Novel (Argeneau Vampire)

Runaway Vampire: An Argeneau Novel (Argeneau Vampire)

Lynsay Sands

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 0062316044

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Buckle up—the argeneaus are back in a sexy, witty new novel from New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands

Dante Notte has heard it said that love hurts. He just wasn’t expecting it to run him over in an RV. Still, a punctured lung and broken ribs are nothing compared to the full-body shock he feels whenever he’s near the vehicle’s driver, Mary Winslow. He needs to keep her safe from their pursuers while he rescues his brother. Most challenging of all, he needs to claim this smart, stubborn woman as his life mate.

The naked, injured, insanely gorgeous younger man who clambered into her RV insists they belong together. If Mary wasn’t feeling their incredible connection in every inch of her being, she wouldn’t believe it. But now that the men who took Dante’s twin are after her too, trusting her gut means risking her life for an immortal who’s the very definition of a perfect stranger.




















imagine this large, muscular young man being forced to go anywhere he didn’t want to, but two of him? If his twin was the same size, taking them on must have been like taking on a small army. “We were shot with drugged darts in the parking lot,” he said grimly. “I thought it was a bullet until I glanced down and saw the dart in my chest. I pulled it out, but it was too late. I was already losing consciousness.” “Sunday night?” she asked with a frown, working it out in her head. Dante glanced

what that determination was about, but it made her nervous, so she simply slipped past him to hang the leash from the hook next to the door and waited for him to continue. “Come, sit,” Dante suggested when she turned back. Mary watched him take a seat at the dinette booth, but grabbed Bailey’s dish, rinsed it out at the sink and filled both sides with water. She set it on the floor by the table for the dog, then settled at the dinette across from Dante, sliding further in and petting Bailey

You’re claiming you drank the blood of those people at the truck stop and got all better, your broken ribs and crushed organs healed. That’s a vampire,” she spat, and then added, “And I don’t believe it, so go sell it to some witless little girl who can’t see past her hormones.” Dante frowned and then tilted his head and said something that she was pretty sure was a curse in Italian. Sighing, he tugged out the elastic he’d tied his hair back with, and then ran his hands through his long hair as

“Dependent on him,” Dante said quietly. “I didn’t see it that way,” Mary said sadly. “Or maybe I did and didn’t care. I thought we’d be together forever and live happily ever after. So if he wanted me to be a housewife, I’d be the best housewife there was.” Dante grunted. She didn’t know what the sound meant, so continued. “We got married, and quickly got pregnant and . . .” “You caught him cheating,” Dante said grimly. Mary nodded, and picked up her coffee. “I could have left him then, but

back, and reached out to hold on to it with her hands in an effort to keep from scratching his back and shoulders to ribbons. Dante immediately raised one hand to the wall behind her to brace himself. His other hand, though, slid down between them to caress her as he began to pound into her. Mary kissed him furiously as the pleasure grew inside her to unbearable levels. She felt like she would die from it, like her body would just shatter and explode, and then the pleasure inside her seemed to

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