Sherlock Holmes's war of the worlds (Warner science fantasy)

Sherlock Holmes's war of the worlds (Warner science fantasy)

Wade Wellman

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0446769827

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Now at last! The Story H. G. Wells never told-the dramatic role of Detective Holmes in the Martian Invasion of the Earth.












Fiction for December, 1969. I then felt that more could be done with the idea and suggested a sequel. Our second story, "Venus, Mars, and Baker Street," appeared in the same magazine for March, 1972. After it appeared, I decided that the account of Holmes's activities in the first ten days of the invasion was far too brief, and that a third story, a sort of inverted sequel, must also be written. By the time this was purchased, we determined to turn the saga into a book, which we now offer to the

help him escape," Hudson burst out. "I didn't have any other choice." "Yes." Holmes saw the saber make a quivering motion. "You fled with your father when he was unmasked as an extortionist and a former pirate. If the law should be consulted, those things would weigh against him and against you. You sacrificed Martha's love for you. You abrogated it, and she has nothing but contempt for you now." "Words, words," mouthed Hudson. "Why do you speak of the law? There is no law any more. You and I

was locked, but he produced a pick and expertly sprung the catch. On through he went, to the front. No sign of lurking menace in the street, nor anywhere all the way home. 12 In the morning he came out again to observe, first from the top of his own building, then from the parapet of Camden House, looking through powerful field glasses. For some hours he probed the distances of London, clear to see in all directions now with the smoke of industry blown away. Once or twice he heard remote siren

this knowledge that they were on their way to earth, you would never have slept at night and you would have worried by day, which in turn would have worried me. But now there is no reason to keep anything from you." And he bent his shaggy face to kiss her. Early on Saturday morning, he rang up Holmes again, and when there was no answer, he went out to buy newspapers. These were full of tremendous headlines and very little news. It was plain to see that the advent of the invaders—another cylinder

victims are held down by the tentacles of smaller machines. I could see their mouths gape open as though to scream. The Martians gather around and pierce their veins with metal pipettes. The living blood is drawn directly into the bodies of the Martians, much as we drink with a straw. Probably it goes into their circulatory systems." "Horrible!" I could not help exclaiming. "Horrible!" Challenger eyed me expressionlessly. "Permit me to say that in my opinion those drunken fools I saw last night

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