Silent Night, Holy Night: A Colleen Coble Christmas Collection

Silent Night, Holy Night: A Colleen Coble Christmas Collection

Colleen Coble

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0718001753

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

'Tis the season for mystery and romance featuring characters from two of Colleen Coble’s most popular series!

Silent Night

As Christmas day nears, Bree Matthews and her faithful search-and-rescue dog Samson follow the trail of a troubling mystery into the snowy forests of Rock Harbor.

Newlywed Bree Matthews and her husband Kade are preparing for Christmas guests when word arrives that a parachuter has disappeared in the North Woods, along Lake Superior's icy shore. Bree and Samson plunge into the search.

Will this snowy, silent night search lead Bree and Samson to the missing girl?

Holy Night

One sinister phone call has derailed their Christmas wedding. Will it keep them apart forever?

Leia and Bane are looking forward to their long-awaited Christmas wedding on the beach. Everything is going as planned—until Leia's phone rings and her world skids out of control. A muffled voice informs Leia that her sister has been kidnapped and will be killed unless Leia calls off the wedding without explanation—and no police. If she disobeys instructions and tells Bane, she'll risk her beloved sister's life. But can she handle this trauma without his help? And will he ever trust her again if she lies to him now?

Irresistible romance meets thrilling suspense in this holiday update to USA Today best-selling author Colleen Coble's Aloha Reef series.















“Anything else you can tell us about Garrick?” Bree asked. “Anything at all? Jobs, hang outs, anything?” Andy put the dog on the floor. “Like I said, I didn’t know him very well. I’d ask Lauri.” “I intend to do just that,” Kade said. Six Kade closed the lighthouse door against the cold wind blowing in off Lake Superior. “Lauri!” It smelled like freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies. Bree laid her hand on his arm. “Don’t get mad. Let’s give her a chance to explain.” He moved toward the closet

Her feet were bare, and her tender smile lingered on her daughter. Her smiles came easily now, and one popped into place when she saw Cassie. It faltered only a little when she spied Lauri. “I thought you two had arrived. Mother is dying to see you both. We’ve got fresh coffee on. If you ask nicely, Mother might let you have some pulla before dinner.” Lauri’s gaze lingered on Zoe. When Zoe saw she had Lauri’s attention, she twirled. “See my dress?” Red velvet swirled around her white tights.

Gretel story, but she gave us a peanut butter sandwich. Timmy wouldn’t eat his though.” “There was no one with you,” Bree said. “She ran away when she heard you and the dogs,” Emily said. The little girl may be more stressed than they thought. Either that or she had quite an imagination. “Better get her checked out,” Kade mouthed softly to Bree. She nodded. “That’s fine, but let’s get you back to town,” Bree said. “You’ll get to ride in the ambulance. Won’t that be fun?” Emily’s lip

but the light tower was dark. Bree opened the tailgate for Samson and followed him to the front door. Kade lowered the windows. The smell of boat exhaust hung heavy in the moist air blowing in from Lake Superior. A ship’s horn bellowed a lonely note in the middle of the bay. The Ojibwa called the lake Kitchigami, which meant “giver of life,” though right now he felt that meaning was erroneous. It was more a taker of the life he wanted. At one time he thought he’d left this place for good, only to

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Christmas would be here soon, and her entire family would be around the tree. Except her sister, Cassie, and Bree’s mother. Bree still wasn’t ready to see the woman who had made her childhood so miserable. Samson rose in the doorway and turned toward the stairs. A low woof rumbled from his throat, a happy greeting reserved only for family. Davy was spending the night with his friend Timmy, so it couldn’t be him. “Who’s there?” She laid down the putty knife and

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