Sleep No More

Sleep No More

Greg Iles

Language: English

Pages: 480

ISBN: 0451208765

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The beautiful stranger John Waters has just met reminds him too much of his old girlfriend-because she is.











Waters breathed. “No…” A strange light suddenly shone out of Cole’s eyes, and his lips curled into something like a smile. Horror unlike anything Waters had known in his life turned his bowels to water. This morning, while he was talking to Penn or giving blood to the police, Mallory had followed his order of last night in a way that must have given her savage pleasure. As Lily, she had seduced Cole, and by this single act had both violated the wife Waters loved and robbed his best friend of his

the job.” The gloves were too small, but he pulled them on anyway. “Keep them on until you get back here. Someone might be able to take fingerprints from the inside of the latex.” Her attention to detail amazed him. He nodded, then reached for the door handle, but Lily grabbed his shoulder and peered urgently into his eyes. “Don’t think of her as Sybil. You have to see her as Mallory.” “I know.” He pulled the handle and kicked the stubborn old door loose from its frame. “When you hear the

he was a close friend of her parents. She’d continued dating him because it was fun to shock people and because she liked watching how far Denton would go to win her approval. But he was more a businessman than a physician, she said, and she knew she could never be with “someone like that.” She asked Waters about his relationship with her Tulane sorority sister, and he was cautiously frank. He was sleeping with her, and they had agreed not to see other people. Mallory asked about his family but

I wanted, because of girls she knew who were going to be in them.” “Did she ever get violent?” “Yes. I’m talking clock you with a closed fist, and she was a strong girl. She’d try to claw my eyes out. The subtext of it all was, ‘You don’t really love me. You’re going to leave me the first chance you get.’ And this was the most beautiful woman in the state.” “Her fear became a self-fulfilling prophecy, of course. When did the violence start?” “Toward me? After the abortion. I don’t think I

kicked it against a wooden post. “I can’t even remember what it felt like to be normal!” “The normal man is a fiction,” Penn said. “There is no ‘normal.’ Not for women either. Your life is on the line now, John. You have to face reality, no matter how terrible it might be.” Waters had heard all he wanted to. He got out his keys and started walking back toward the house. “Where are you going now?” Penn called. “The office. I want to talk to Sybil.” “About Cole and Lily?” “Maybe. I don’t

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