Snowbound Mystery (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #13)

Snowbound Mystery (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #13)

Gertrude Chandler Warner

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 080757516X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A freak snowstorm isolates the Aldens in a mountain cabin where they discover a coded message.













Henry. “They are up now.” The two deer shook themselves to get the snow off. Still more snow came down on them. But slowly the two animals came toward the cabin. They sniffed. Their soft brown eyes looked at the door. The deer went down the path that the boys had dug and found the open space. The Aldens went quietly over to the window and looked out. The gentle animals were tired out. They lay down and licked each other. Benny said, “Listen, I’m hearing things! I think I’m dreaming! Is someone

we are to be here!” He drew a long breath. While the others were eating more stew, Violet and Jessie made the snow ice cream. They mixed the soft, white snow with the milk and sugar and currant jelly. It was a lovely pink color. “Wouldn’t Grandfather laugh at this ice cream!” said Benny. Then he told the Nelsons about the message from Mr. Alden that had come over the Greenfield radio station. “But Grandfather didn’t know that you were coming,” he added. Just then everyone heard a strange

FRANKLIN, MEATS AND GROCERIES Mr. Franklin had to laugh when the whole family came in at once. He was busy with other customers, but he said, “Good morning, Mr. Alden. I’ll be with you in a minute.” “Don’t hurry,” said Grandfather. “We’ll look around.” Benny whispered to Jessie, “Look at Grandfather’s face! Doesn’t it look as if he’s up to something?” “I’m sure he is,” said Violet. “I noticed it when he asked Mr. Nelson to ride down the street.” But nobody ever knew what Grandfather’s plans

waited for lunch Benny heard a girl say, “I’m delighted to have a real bakery here. I love that little Puggsy at the counter.” The man with the girl said, “I’d go in just to hear him talk.” Benny and Puggsy made faces at each other. It was a long day, but a happy one. The Nelsons had dinner with the Aldens before going to their home over the old store. Puggsy said, “I do miss the squirrels. It was fun to see Watch chase them.” “Well, I don’t miss them,” Jessie said. “But I do wonder where

finished an enormous dish of cereal and milk. “Well,” he said, “I’d like to go up to the Oak Hill woods and live in that hunters’ cabin. Henry still has a week before he has to go back to college. We could all go.” Grandfather Alden said, “I think it could be managed. I belong to the Sportsmen’s Club that owns the cabin. The hunters don’t use it at this time of the year.” He set down his coffee cup. “The cabin isn’t too far away, and it’s too early for snow.” “That’s exactly what I thought,”

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