Stone Kiss (Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus Novels (Paperback))

Stone Kiss (Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus Novels (Paperback))

Faye Kellerman

Language: English

Pages: 528

ISBN: 0446611476

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One Dead. One Missing. One Man Who can't Look Away... In Los Angeles Lt. Peter Decker gets a frantic phone call from his family. A distant relative has been found naked and murdered in a seedy Manhattan hotel room and the man's niece, the last person who may have seen the victim alive, has disappeared. Crazed with worry, the girl's parents plead for Decker's help and soon he's racing across the continent to a city he hasn't seen in ten years. With few leads and less time, he plunges into New York's underbelly, a world where vile deeds, unregenerate evil, and sinister secrets pit brother against brother. And where Decker will question the very essence of his faith and fight for everything and everyone he holds dear-including his wife, Rina.













break confidentiality… but it may have cost Shayndie her life.” Decker exhaled, then shrank in his seat. Jonathan misinterpreted his body language. “You despise me.” The laughter from Decker’s throat was strong and sour. “Oh my my!” He turned to his brother. “You think you screwed up, guy?” He looked at the van’s ceiling. “I messed up big time! I saw her, Jonathan. I saw her and let her go—” “What?” “I let her go because she was being protected… or so I thought.” “What? Who?” “It’s better

our black-hat brethren. They seem to consider it an insult to answer me truthfully. I will not deal with clients like that. At this point in my life, I don’t need that tsuris. Am I clear?” Jonathan nodded. “I understand.” Hershfield stood. “I have a couple of very important depositions this morning. In the meantime, it is in everyone’s best interest if your family refrains from talking to the police unless I am there during the questioning.” He turned to Decker. “I’m sure this isn’t the case

look of the recently shaved. Underneath Merrin’s belly, Decker could make out the chief’s gun harness—a waist holster. They strolled through the hallways silently, Merrin waving to his officers and detectives as he passed them. His secretary was on the phone, but he nodded to her as he took Decker into his office, closing the door behind. Because of the expanse of picture windows, the room was chilly, actually drafty in spots. Only half of the glass panes had been double hung. But the nip in the

who were the others who knew Ephraim?” Mr. Lieber wanted to know. “I spoke to a man who met Ephraim in an organization called Emek Refa’im.” “Yes, yes,” Mr. Lieber said. “The counseling place.” “A place for drug addicts, Papa,” Chaim stated. “A place to help them,” Mr. Lieber insisted. “He was doing so well, Lieutenant. Ephraim was.” “So I understand.” The old man sighed. “So well.” Tears in his eyes. “In the business, too.” “How long had he been working with you and Chaim?” Lieber didn’t

still breathing hard when he sat down. “Let me rest for a moment. You gave me a workout, you animal.” I got up from his desk and put on my clothes and clipped my hair back. I gulped down half the bottle of Evian, then gave it to him. He took a big swallow, then closed his eyes. He was drenched with perspiration. He didn’t look well at all. I felt his forehead. “You’re very hot.” “It’s stuffy in here.” “You’ve got a fever, Chris.” “Any wonder after the calisthenics you put me through.” “I’m

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