Tales of the Black Widowers

Tales of the Black Widowers

Isaac Asimov

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ISBN: 0449229440

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Tales of the Black Widowers


















apartment. Emmanuel Rubin had insisted and his straggly straw-colored beard had waggled strenuously as he argued it out in parliamentary fashion. He was going to be the next host, he said, and the host was an absolute monarch within the wording of the bylaws and nowhere in the bylaws was the place of meeting specifically fixed. "According to tradition," began Geoffrey Avalon with the kind of solemnity that befitted his profession as patent lawyer, "we have always met right here." "If tradition

success and for some years I have been preparing a rather elaborate, if informal, tale of my experiences in the field. I doubt that it will ever be published but, of course, if it is- "But that's beside the point. Sanders was a more aggressive person by far than ever 1 was; louder; more raucous; with a rather coarse sense of humor. He was a games person-" Rubin interrupted. "A sports enthusiast?" "No, no. Indoor games. I believe he knew and could play well every card game ever invented. He

of its special group every month. And if the veal cordon bleu needed anything to add the final bit of luster, it was Henry's meticulous service, which had plates on the table where no plate had been before, yet without any person present able to catch it en route. It was Thomas Trumbull's turn to host, something he did with a savagery to which no one paid the slightest bit of attention; a savagery made particularly bitter by the fact that, as host, he did not think it fit to come charging in

said, "I can list them for you. In 1938, when I was only fifteen, it so happens I was a revivalist preacher and I received a D.D. from-" "No, for God's sake," said Trumbull, "don't give us the list. We accept it all." "You're fighting out of your weight, Mario," said Avalon with wooden amiability. "You know Rubin can never be spotted in an inconsistency when he starts talking about his early life." 'Sure," said Gonzalo, "that's why his stories are so lousy. They're all autobiographical. No

forms of dishonesty and might be treated independently, he was hooted down. Then, between main course and dessert, Drake left for the men's room and Trumbull followed him. Trumbull said, "Do you know this guy Stacey, Jim?" Drake shook his head. "No. Not at all." "Well, what's wrong, then? I admit you're not an animated phonograph needle like Rubin but you haven't said a word all dinner, damn it. And you keep looking at Stacey." Drake said, "Do me a favor, Tom. Let me question him after

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