The Answer (Animorphs, Book 53)

The Answer (Animorphs, Book 53)

K. A. Applegate

Language: English

Pages: 63

ISBN: 2:00280609

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The battle is still raging, and it’s out-and-out war. Jake, the other Animorphs, and Ax have found a way to slow the Yeerks down, but now the Yeerks have decided the best way to win is to just destroy everything and everyone who gets in their way.     

Just when things look more than hopeless, Jake and the others discover help where they least expected: Taxxons. Creatures so foul and heartless it’s almost hard to believe that they are capable of having any feelings. But Jake and the others soon discover that the Taxxon resistance has its own problems with the Yeerks. And, for once, it looks like Earth may have a chance. . . .





















was an Andalite thought-speak "voice." I froze. I demanded. He knew my name. Of course the Yeerks did know my name now, but still it was a shock. The Taxxon who was speaking opened his pincers and let the Dracon weapon drop. The other two did the same. I took a deep breath.

bitterly ticked that Visser One has refused to enable any of his Taxxon so-called allies. They realize we don't have the morphing cube anymore. And Arbron is smart enough to know that even if we win we may not get the cube from Visser One. He could escape with it or even destroy it. But they've realized that the Yeerks will never, ever allow them to gain morphing capabilities because it would be the end of Taxxon dependence on the Yeerks." "So they want us to promise Andalite cooperation?" Marco

tall and arched, and lit by dim artificial lights high overhead. The car rolled to a halt. I closed my eyes to adjust to the gloom. I opened them again and had an impression of restless movement all around. I closed my eyes and opened them once more and this time I saw the Taxxons, everywhere, all around the car, pressing close, red jelly eyes staring. "We're here," I muttered. Marco said. "I'm going to get out," I whispered. I opened the door slowly. I stood up. They

of it. All I had to do was send my friends to die. Cassie was still talking to me, but I didn't hear her words. I had seen the vision. I could see the pure, straight line from point A to point Z. I said, Marco groused.

suffer one hundred percent casualties in thirty seconds." I cried. he answered. the visser exulted. Finally, "Visser, the helm is not answering." "Helm is unresponsive, Visser!" He bounded over to the helmsman's position and seized the controls himself. I had a perfect view.

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