The Black Widow Spider Mystery (Boxcar Children Mystery & Activities Specials #21) (Boxcar Children Special)

The Black Widow Spider Mystery (Boxcar Children Mystery & Activities Specials #21) (Boxcar Children Special)

Gertrude Chandler Warner

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0807555444

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Someone is building a large, fancy house down the street from the Aldens'--a house shielded by a tall stone wall. The only way to approach the house is through an iron gate decorated with huge black widow spiders!
















your room?” Violet teased. “My room isn’t messy!” Benny said. “Hmmm …” said Henry thoughtfully. “What is it?” asked Jessie. “I was just thinking about that science book I took out of the library a few weeks ago,” Henry said. “It was all about spiders. I wish I still had it.” “The Blackwells have lots of books about spiders in their library,” said Violet. “Remember?” Henry smiled. “Why didn’t I think of that? We’ll check it out after we’ve unpacked these boxes.” An hour later the Aldens had

be fine,” Mrs. Blackwell said. The Aldens went out the back door into the spacious yard. “Wow,” said Benny. “This would be a great place to play baseball.” “It would be,” Jessie agreed. “But that’s not what we’re here for. Now, what did that map say?” “The X was just beyond the tall grass,” said Henry. “That’s the grass over there,” Violet said, pointing. The Aldens walked across the yard to where the grass grew tall and wild. They looked around but could see nothing unusual. “Maybe it’s on

“What’s he doing?” Henry wondered. Jessie figured it out. “He’s taking pictures! He’s got a camera.” “You’re right, Jessie!” said Violet. “Let’s go talk to him to find out why.” Before they could reach him, the man tucked the camera into his jacket. He got into his car, which was parked at the curb. Then he sped off. “You know, maybe that’s what I saw last night,” Henry said. “Maybe those flashes were from a camera!” “You think that man was taking pictures in the Blackwells’ yard at

my work.” “Why didn’t you tell us that you’re a photographer?” asked Violet. “Well,” said Mrs. Blackwell, “I have to be careful. Some people just don’t understand.” “That you’re a photographer?” asked Violet. “But what a wonderful job!” “Oh, that’s not the part they have a problem with,” Mrs. Blackwell said. “It’s what I choose to photograph that causes problems.” She smiled at the children’s puzzled faces. “When I tell people I’m a photographer, they ask if I do weddings or sunsets or

here,” said Henry. “Neighbors who might be secret agents — now that’s worth investigating!” After the children had been working for about an hour, Mrs. Blackwell came back downstairs. “My goodness!” she said. “You’ve cleared out all the boxes down here! You are good workers, just as you said.” “We like to work hard,” said Henry. “I hadn’t realized you’d be done with those boxes so quickly,” Mrs. Blackwell said. “I think I can handle the rest on my own.” The Aldens looked at one another. If

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