The Boardwalk Mystery (The Boxcar Children Mysteries)

The Boardwalk Mystery (The Boxcar Children Mysteries)

Gertrude Chandler Warner

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0807508020

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Aldens are visiting the New Jersey shore and enjoying the beach and the boardwalk attractions. A family friend has just bought an amusement pier, and the children are excited to help out. But there are rumors that the rides aren't safe, and someone has stolen a zombie from the haunted house! Can the Boxcar Children find out what's behind all the trouble?

















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family, that’s who! Who made it a big success? The Reddy family! Carl Hanson will ruin the place. He doesn’t know what he is doing.” The old woman scowled. Just then, Leslie stopped the tramcar. “This is Hanson’s Amusement Pier, kids. Do you need to get off?” “Yes, thank you,” Jessie said. The children jumped down from the tramcar and thanked Leslie for the ride. “Any time,” Leslie said. Then she lowered her voice. “Don’t mind old Mrs. Reddy,” she whispered. “She is still upset about why she

Jessie’s face flushed with anger. Before she could answer, Mrs. Reddy did. “These are just kids helping out. But Carl Hanson is ruining this amusement pier.” Mr. Cooke smiled. “I know,” he answered. “He will be out of business by the end of the summer. And then I will buy the amusement pier. I will own more amusements than anyone on this boardwalk.” “You will never own this pier!” Mrs. Reddy said. “Come on, Benny,” Jessie said. She felt uncomfortable listening to the two adults arguing. Jessie

sorry, Benny, but I have to work right now. But maybe I can take you another day.” “Thanks!” Benny said. The children began eating the delicious pizza. Benny was so excited about boogie boarding that he almost dropped his slice of pizza. Some of the red sauce squirted onto his T-shirt. Violet tried to clean it off with her napkin. “It won’t come off, Benny,” Violet said. “We’ll have to wash it when we get home.” Benny looked down at the red stains on his shirt. It reminded him of something.

could that be?” Mr. Hanson hurried toward the sound. The children followed. They found Will. He was kicking the wall with his shoe. “Will! What are you doing?” asked Mr. Hanson. “I called you, but you didn’t answer,” Will said. “Linda and Jake are not showing up for work tonight. Mr. Cooke hired them for his pier and he promised to pay them more money. I can’t do everything by myself. And I am hungry. I’m leaving to go get some food.” Will kicked the wall again. “Will, can’t you just wait

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